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200+ Funny Relationship Quotes That Makes You Laugh Out Loud

by Thomas Turner 24 Apr 2024
Close-up of a couple’s embracing arms, representing togetherness and the joy of funny relationship quotes.

Table of Contents

Who said romance couldn’t be filled with laughter? From “My ex and I were a perfect match, but we ran out of Tinder,” to other hilarious takes on love, funny relationship quotes have a way of putting the lighter side of love into words. In this article, we’re diving into a collection of quips that’ll have you chuckling and nodding in agreement. 

We’ve gathered some of the best funny relationship quotes to remind us that love isn’t just about grand gestures and deep, soul-stirring emotions—it’s also about sharing a laugh, sometimes even at ourselves. So, pull up a chair, get comfortable, and let’s enjoy a good laugh together as we explore the funny side of love and companionship.

A Relationship Should Be 50/50 Quotes Funny

When it comes to navigating the ups and downs of relationships, we often hear the saying: “A relationship should be 50/50.” However, let’s be real, anyone who has been in a relationship knows that it’s more like a comedy sketch rather than a perfectly balanced scale. 

From fighting over the TV remote to deciding what’s for dinner, the 50/50 rule often takes unexpected and hilarious twists. So, get ready for a joyride as we explore the whimsical world of relationships with these 30-35 quotes that will surely make you chuckle.  

Two people sharing a laugh over a rose at a table, embodying the spirit of funny relationship quotes.
  • “In a 50/50 relationship, you text, I ignore. I call, you panic. It’s called balance.”
  • “A relationship should be 50/50. I pick the movie, you get the snacks. I fall asleep, you watch it alone.”
  • “50/50 in a relationship means I pretend to listen, you pretend to work. We both enjoy the silence.”
  • “Love is all about balance. I complain about my day, you pretend to listen. 50/50.”
  • “Relationships should be 50/50. I choose the restaurant, you foot the bill.”
  • “In a true 50/50 relationship, I get to be right, and you get to say ‘Yes, dear.'”
  • “It’s 50/50 in our house: I cook the meals, you do the dishes. I lose the remote, you find it.”
  • “In our relationship, it’s 50/50. I handle the drama, you handle the Wi-Fi.”
  • “Love is about sharing. I share my opinions, you share the remote. That’s 50/50.”
  • “Relationships are simple: It’s 50/50. I choose the Netflix show, you get the next one. We both fall asleep by episode 2.”
  • “A fair relationship is 50/50. I pick the playlist, you sing along. I laugh, you make the jokes.”
  • “50/50 in love means I plan the dates, you marvel at my creativity.”
  • “In a relationship, it’s all about compromise. I want a dog, you want a cat. We get a dog. Balanced.”
  • “The perfect relationship is 50/50. I dream, you support. You snore, I wear earplugs.”
  • “A relationship should be 50/50. You take out the trash, I applaud your heroic effort.”
  • “It’s 50/50 here: I control the thermostat, you get to wear extra sweaters.”
  • “True love is 50/50. I make the popcorn, you pause the movie when I inevitably forget something in the kitchen.”
  • “In our house, it’s 50/50. I cook with love, you taste with criticism.”
  • “A balanced relationship is 50/50. I pick the vacation spot, you worry about the budget.”
  • “Our love is 50/50. I spend the money, you manage the budget.”
  • “In a happy home, it’s 50/50. I decorate, you appreciate.”
  • “Love means sharing equally: I hog the bed, you get the edge. Perfectly balanced.”
  • “It’s all about fairness: I choose the pet, you clean up after it. That’s love.”
  • “In a 50/50 partnership, I decide on the takeaway, you pick the movie. We both end up happy.”
  • “Relationships are about sharing the load: I load the questions, you provide the answers.”
  • “A relationship should be 50/50 – I get the last word, you get the peace and quiet.”
  • “In true love, it’s 50/50. I get the chocolates, you get the flowers. We both get cavities.”
  • “50/50 in love is me having wild ideas, you grounding them. We meet in the clouds.”
  • “In a relationship, it’s 50/50. I bring the sass, you bring the sense.”

Cute And Funny Relationship Quotes

Love is a beautiful mix of heartwarming memories and hilarious situations that only those involved can truly appreciate. Adorable and humorous quotes about relationships perfectly encapsulate these moments, giving a charming glimpse into the magic of love. Explore this selection where love and laughter intertwine, and discover the ideal quote that speaks to your unique love story.

Hands forming a heart against the sky, a visual pun from our cute and funny relationship quotes.
  • “We go together like copy and paste.”
  • “I love you even when I’m really, really hungry.”
  • “Romance is the icing, but love is the cake.”
  • “You’re the cheese to my macaroni.”
  • “Before I met my husband, I’d never fallen in love. I’d stepped in it a few times, though.”
  • “You add meaning to my life and yet, you subtract some cash from my wallet.”
  • “I asked my husband if I could be the more beautiful woman in the room. He said yes, but he had to leave the room.”
  • “Our love is like a train with no brakes, unstoppable.”

If you found yourself chuckling over our compilation of funny relationship quotes, you won’t want to miss the wit and whimsy awaiting in our collection of funny love quotes. Dive deeper into the lighter side of love and let these humorous quips add an extra sprinkle of joy to your day.

Funny Relationship Quotes For Her

In the maze of love, humor acts as the guiding light that keeps the darkness away. It’s the secret ingredient that turns an ordinary moment into a treasured memory, and a simple smile into a heartwarming giggle. These amusing relationship quotes are dedicated to every woman who has found herself caught up in the delightful chaos of a partnership.

Silhouetted hands making a heart shape with the sunset, capturing the essence of funny relationship quotes for her.
  • “Falling in love is like getting a phone without a case; it’s all fun and games until it hits the ground.”
  • “Being in a relationship is like having a pet rock; it’s weird, but you grow attached and start talking to it.”
  • “A perfect man is like a unicorn. If you find one, stop drinking so much unicorn juice.”
  • “Cuddling is great until the arm falls asleep. Then it’s just a relationship with a dead limb.”
  • “A shared bank account before marriage is a relationship’s version of ‘Extreme Sports’.”
  • “Love is accepting that her ‘5 minutes’ is a relative concept.”
  • “Being with you is like having my emotional support human.”
  • “You’re my favorite notification, except for when it’s your turn to do the dishes.”
  • “You’re the cheese to my macaroni. Slightly unhealthy but utterly delightful.”
  • “If love is an adventure, we’re the ones who forgot the map and snacks.”
  • “Our love is like Wi-Fi. Sometimes there are connection issues, but mostly it’s just magic.”
  • “Dating you is like being on a reality TV show, but all the drama is about who ate the last slice of pizza.”
  • “Our relationship is 50% love, 50% memes, and 100% something I never did the math for.”
  • “We go together like copy and paste, a perfect match but with occasional formatting issues.”
  • “My love for you is like a circle. It has no end, and also, I’m terrible at geometry.”
  • “Our relationship is like a comforter: sometimes too hot, sometimes too cold, but I still want it on my bed.”
  • “Being with you has made me realize that ‘happy ever after’ is just a daily choice to not murder each other.”
  • “I love you even when I’m really, really hungry.”
  • “Our love is that rare mix of Netflix and deep philosophical talks until 3 AM.”
  • “You’re like my favorite bra. Supportive, comfortable, and hard to find.”
  • “You had me at ‘I hate everyone too’.”

Funny Relationship Quotes For Him

Let’s spice things up with a dash of humor! Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase or have been partners in crime for ages, laughter truly is the secret ingredient that keeps the bond strong. So, for all you ladies out there looking to sprinkle some giggles into your romantic life, here’s a collection of funny relationship love quotes for your man that are guaranteed to bring a smile to his face, if not make him burst into laughter. 

A couple's silhouette against the sunset, humorously representing funny relationship quotes for him.
  • “I vow to still grab your butt even when you’re old and wrinkly.”
  • “I thought I was promiscuous, but it turns out I was just thorough in finding the right person.”
  • “Let’s flip a coin. Heads, I’m yours. Tails, you’re mine.”
  • “I thought I had the worst job ever, but then I realized I’m in a relationship with you. Just kidding, you’re my favorite job.”
  • “Congratulations on being my unpaid therapist.”
  • “Our love is like a hot bath. After a while, it might not be as hot, but hey, I don’t want to get out.”
  • “I’m yours. No refunds or exchanges.”
  • “You’re like my asthma. You just take my breath away. Also, you make it hard to breathe.”

Funny Broken Relationship Quotes

Let’s explore the comical aspects of love’s not-so-favorable endings and share a laugh or two at the amusing situations that arise when cupid’s aim is a bit off. Cheers to discovering the humor in our relationship mishaps, as laughter can truly be the ultimate remedy for a wounded heart.

Two hands reaching out in a gesture of connection, epitomizing funny broken relationship quotes.
  • “I’m not saying my ex was a gold digger, but she did look disappointed when she found out my wallet wasn’t attached to a mining rig.”
  • “My ex had the worst memory. They forgot we broke up and tried to kiss me at a party. Awkward!”
  • “They say ‘Don’t cry because it’s over.’ But have they ever had their heart broken by someone who ate their leftovers?”
  • “I thought I was part of a love story. Turns out it was a comedy sketch.”
  • “Ever looked at your ex and wondered, ‘Was I drunk the entire relationship?'”
  • “I knew we were doomed when our couples’ therapy turned into a mediation session for who gets the Netflix account.”
  • “My ex is living proof that you can be right and still be wrong at the same time.”
  • “Our breakup was due to artistic differences. She saw herself as the star, and I saw a comedy of errors.”
  • “I didn’t just dodge a bullet with my ex. I dodged a whole artillery barrage.”
  • “I told my ex I felt invisible. They said, ‘Who said that?'”
  • “Our relationship was like a fat guy on a seesaw. Just when I thought we were getting somewhere, I ended up on the ground again.”
  • “After our breakup, I learned I could actually cook for one. Turns out, sadness is a great spice.”
  • “My ex wanted to remain friends, but I’m pretty sure that’s not how hostage situations work.”
  • “I asked my ex for space, and they took it literally. Last I heard, they’re training for a Mars mission.”
  • “We were a perfect match, but unfortunately, it was in a game where everyone loses.”
  • “I learned that ‘forever’ is much shorter than I thought, especially in dog years.”
  • “I realized our relationship was over when my dog chose me over her. Best decision he ever made.”
  • “I miss the days when ‘ghosting’ was something only actual ghosts did.”
  • “I thought my ex was irreplaceable. Turns out, so was my peace of mind. Guess which one I chose?”

Funny Long Distance Relationship Quotes

Navigating a long-distance relationship can feel like attempting to embrace a cactus – uncomfortable, prickly, yet you still yearn for that warm hug. It involves late-night conversations, juggling time zones, and the constant search for a strong Wi-Fi signal to prevent your partner from freezing mid-smile during video calls. 

Get ready for a delightful journey through the most amusing aspects of long-distance relationships with these comical quotes that are guaranteed to make you giggle, chuckle, and perhaps even snort a little.

A laptop and a love book, symbolizing the quirks of funny long-distance relationship quotes.
  • “Long-distance relationships: where ‘goodnight’ means ‘see you in my Wi-Fi dreams.'”
  • “We’re in a long-distance relationship. It’s like having a boyfriend, but mostly just in theory.”
  • “You know you’re in a long-distance relationship when your phone mistakenly assumes your partner’s number is a customer service hotline.”
  • “In a long-distance relationship, my favorite hobby is calculating time differences. It’s math, but with feelings.”
  • “Our love is so strong, not even my crappy Wi-Fi signal can break it. But it does pause it. Frequently.”
  • “I’m in a very committed relationship with my partner’s pixelated video call face.”
  • “Long-distance relationship: because nothing says ‘I love you’ like a high phone bill.”
  • “We’re playing a romantic game of ‘Where in the World is My Internet Connection Stable Enough for Skype?'”
  • “Our love is powered by the four essential elements: Earth, Air, Water, and unlimited texting.”
  • “Being in a long-distance relationship is like being at a buffet with a diet plate; everything you want is right there, but oh so far away.”
  • “My partner is so far away, I’ve started giving romantic nicknames to my furniture. Meet my sofa, ‘Snugglepuff.'”
  • “The most passionate love letters of our generation are just two words long: ‘Message Sent.'”
  • “Long-distance lovers: mastering the art of the romantic screenshot.”
  • “If you think regular relationships require patience, try waiting for a video to buffer during a heartfelt conversation.”
  • “A long-distance relationship is the perfect mix of ‘I miss you’ and ‘I can pause this argument to buffer.'”
  • “Falling asleep on a video call, because nothing says ‘I love you’ like drooling on camera.”
  • “Our hearts are close, but can you move a bit to your left? You’re out of the Wi-Fi sweet spot.”
  • “I’m not saying my relationship is high-tech, but even NASA can’t compete with our communication setup.”
  • “In a long-distance relationship, ‘You hang up first’ has been replaced with ‘No, you disconnect the Zoom.'”
  • “They say love is a journey. I didn’t realize it included flight delays and lost luggage.”
  • “A toast to long-distance love: may your calls be long and your data charges reasonable.”
  • “In the dictionary under ‘optimism’, it says ‘See long-distance relationships.'”
  • “Love at first sight is great and all, but love at every Wi-Fi connection is the real modern romance.”
  • “Long-distance relationships: where ‘Netflix and chill’ means binge-watching separately but texting each other, ‘Are you crying too?'”
  • “I’m in a long-distance relationship. It’s like a regular relationship but with less cuddling and more typing.”
  • “Our relationship is the best of both worlds: I get the remote all to myself, but I still get to complain about missing you.”
  • “Our love is timeless. Literally, we can’t figure out what time it is where the other person is.”
  • “A long-distance relationship means loving in CAPS LOCK: ‘I MISS YOU!!!’ ‘NO, I MISS YOU MORE!!!'”
  • “In a long-distance relationship, every ‘I miss you’ is followed by a ‘but thank goodness for unlimited texting.'”

Funny Love Hate Relationship Quotes

This collection of funny quotes about love-hate relationships serves as your rescue boat in the vast ocean of emotional turmoil. Whether you’re in the early stages of romance or pondering if your significant other’s snoring could be a valid cause for sleeplessness, these witty remarks will surely make you laugh and relate. So, fasten your seatbelts and savor the thrilling roller coaster journey of love-hate relationships with a touch of humor!

A couple on a pier, epitomizing funny love hate relationship quotes with a serene backdrop
  • “Love is when you want to smother them in their sleep but refrain because you’d miss their snoring.”
  • “Being in love is like having a pet that can talk back. Sometimes adorable, sometimes you wonder why you signed up for this.”
  • “Love is finding that one person who is as weird as you but also hates the same people.”
  • “My significant other and I love each other to the moon and back, but some days we’d gladly take a one-way trip.”
  • “A good relationship is when two people can enjoy their solitude together.”
  • “True love is when both of you agree on what to order for takeout.”
  • “Romance is alive and well… until the Wi-Fi goes out.”
  • “My partner and I have a perfect understanding. I don’t try to run her life, and I don’t try to run mine.”
  • “Our love is unconditional, as long as the batteries in the remote control are replaced regularly.”
  • “The four most beautiful words in any relationship: ‘I’ll do the dishes.'”
  • “My love language is sarcastic comments and not taking anything seriously.”
  • “In love, somehow, a pet’s approval is always the final verdict.”

Funny Toxic Relationship Quotes

Embarking on the stormy voyage of love can often make you feel like the commander of a vessel caught in a hurricane, especially when the waters are tainted with a hint of toxicity. But fret not, my friend! We have gathered a collection of amusingly perceptive quotes that shed a comical perspective on those less-than-ideal moments in relationships.  

Two hands almost touching, reminiscent of Michelangelo, reflecting funny toxic relationship quotes.
  • “My love life is like a piece of stale bread – hard to chew and probably not worth the effort.”
  • “In a toxic relationship, you’re like a detective in a crime drama, always on the lookout for red flags.”
  • “Dating him was like trying to knit with spaghetti. Impossible and messy, but oddly compelling.”
  • “She said she needed space. So I sent her to Mars.”
  • “I told him I wanted something magical. He disappeared.”
  • “A toxic partner is like a reverse alarm clock. They only wake you up to problems you didn’t know you had.”
  • “Love is blind, but a toxic relationship will give you supervision… to see all the red flags.”
  • “Our relationship was like a seesaw. Fun at first, but eventually, someone ends up in the dirt.”
  • “Dating her was like being in a romantic comedy. Except I was the only one laughing.”
  • “He had more red flags than a communist parade.”
  • “I thought opposites attract until I realized I was a magnet for the wrong kind of energy.”
  • “Our love was like a phone battery. It lasted shorter than expected and always died at the most inconvenient times.”
  • “A toxic relationship is like old cheese. You know it’s bad, but you can’t help but check it out now and then.”
  • “Being with him was like doing a group project alone.”
  • “She was my dream girl. Nightmare edition.”
  • “He said he was a catch. Turned out, he was just something fishy.”
  • “Our breakup was like a bad movie. Predictable, full of clichés, and a relief when it finally ended.”
  • “Falling for him was like taking a leap of faith. Except I landed in a dumpster.”
  • “Our relationship was like a roller coaster. Exciting at first, but then you just feel nauseous.”
  • “I asked for a knight in shining armor. I got a clown in aluminum foil.”
  • “He said our love could weather any storm. But he didn’t mention it was hurricane season.”
  • “Being with her was like being on a reality TV show. Too much drama and not enough reality.”
  • “She promised me the stars but couldn’t even handle a simple constellation like ‘communication’.”
  • “Our relationship had more red flags than a bullfighting arena.”
  • “She was like a library book—well-read and full of drama.”
  • “Our love story was like a book. Too bad it was more of a horror story than a romance.”
  • “He was like a Sudoku puzzle—complicated, confusing, and after a while, you just give up.”
  • “Our relationship was like a soap opera. Too many plot twists and way too unrealistic.”
  • “She was like a fine wine. Turns out, I’m allergic to wine.”
  • “He said he’d show me the world. He meant the world of emotional baggage.”

Funny New Relationship Quotes 

Entering into a new relationship is akin to attempting to put together IKEA furniture without any instructions: it’s perplexing, unpredictable, and always guarantees a few unexpected chuckles. If you’re currently immersed in the bliss of new love or simply enjoy reminiscing about those butterfly-filled days, these Funny New Relationship Quotes offer the perfect combination of humor and heartfelt moments. 

A whimsical line drawing, capturing the excitement and mystery of funny new relationship quotes.
  • “Starting a new relationship is like getting a new phone. You just can’t figure out all the features, but you’re still excited to try!”
  • “In a new relationship, you’re basically an unpaid detective specializing in social media stalking.”
  • “New relationships are like tacos – messy, but incredibly satisfying.”
  • “Being in a new relationship is realizing that ‘Netflix and chill’ isn’t a relaxed evening; it’s an intense psychological battle of what to watch.”
  • “Falling for someone is easy. It’s the catching part that’s tricky.”
  • “A new relationship is when you realize your partner’s snoring is the soundtrack of your life now.”
  • “Love is blind, and then you enter a new relationship and find out it’s also deaf and sometimes a little dumb.”
  • “New relationships are all about finding that fine line between ‘cute concern’ and ‘creepy surveillance.'”
  • “In the beginning, love is waking up early to make breakfast. Later, it’s arguing over who has to get up to make the coffee.”
  • “A new relationship is a lot like a new bathing suit – at first, it’s tight and restrictive, but eventually, it becomes comfortable, or you just buy a new one.”
  • “Getting into a relationship is like going to a garage sale. You think it’s all fun and games until you bring home something weird.”
  • “New relationships are like a box of chocolates – mostly sweet with a few nuts.”
  • “The honeymoon phase: when ‘your place or mine?’ turns into ‘our place, and please pick up milk on the way home.'”
  • “A new relationship is when you find out who really controls the thermostat.”
  • “New relationships: where you’re not sure if it’s too soon to fart in front of each other.”
  • “The first rule of a new relationship: The amount of happiness is directly proportional to the strength of the Wi-Fi signal.”
  • “Starting a new relationship feels a lot like being a contestant on ‘The Price Is Right.’ Exciting, nerve-wracking, and you might just go home with a toaster.”
  • “In the beginning, it’s all ‘You hang up.’ ‘No, you hang up.’ Later, it’s ‘Please hang up, I need to use my phone.'”
  • “Being newly in love is like having a new favorite song that you play on repeat until even your neighbors know the lyrics.”
  • “In new relationships, you eat salad and pretend you love jogging. Six months in, it’s pizza in bed.”
  • “The awkward moment in a new relationship when you have to explain why your pet has a better social life than you do.”
  • “New love is like a software update – it might have some bugs, but it also comes with cool new features.”
  • “The most romantic words in a new relationship: ‘I’ve got the next round.'”
  • “A new relationship is the thrilling intersection of ‘I want to know everything about you’ and ‘I was not prepared for that story.'”
  • “In new relationships, you learn important things, like the exact way your partner likes their coffee and how they react to spoilers.”
  • “Remember: Love is blind, but the neighbors aren’t. Keep the curtains closed.”
  • “New relationships are all fun and games until someone says, ‘Let’s share our Google Calendars.'”

Short Funny Relationship Quotes

Starting a journey of love can often feel like stepping into a romantic comedy – filled with unexpected twists, turns, and of course, laughter. Whether you’re single, in a relationship, or it’s complicated, these hilarious short quotes about relationships are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and maybe even help you see your romantic adventures in a funnier light. 

A couple holding hands at sunset, the epitome of short funny relationship quotes.
  • “Relationships are like fat people. Most of them don’t work out.”
  • “You’re the cheese to my macaroni. And just like it, we’re a mess when hot.”
  • “My significant other’s idea of getting lucky is finding the remote without looking.”
  • “Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.”
  • “Love is a two-way street constantly under construction.”
  • “I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised.”
  • “They say you can’t put a price on love, but today’s economy demands it. Now accepting bids.”
  • “In my house, I’m the boss, my wife is just the decision maker.”
  • “My wife and I always compromise; I admit I’m wrong and she agrees with me.”

For a lighter take on love and companionship, explore our article on funny relationship quotes that will surely bring a smile to your face. Then, dive deeper into the world of romance with our insightful collection of relationships quotes, offering wisdom and reflection on the many facets of love.

Funny Relationship Quotes for Facebook

Diving into the quirky side of love, we all know relationships are a blend of sunshine, rain, and a whole lot of hilarious moments! Why not sprinkle a little laughter on your Facebook feed with some rib-tickling relationship quotes? Perfect for sharing a giggle with your partner or poking fun at your single status, these quotes are your ticket to being the virtual comedian amongst your friends. Let’s dive in and spread some chuckles!

A couple in a car, backlit by the sun, captures the warmth of funny relationship quotes for Facebook.
  • “In our relationship, we both wear the pants. I just control the zipper! 😂 #RelationshipComedy”
  • “Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener. 👀 #LoveLaughs”
  • “I told my wife she should embrace her mistakes. She hugged me. 🤗 #Whoops”
  • “Relationships are like a walk in the park. Jurassic Park. 🦖 #SurvivalOfTheFittest”
  • “An apple a day keeps anyone away, if thrown hard enough. That’s my kind of relationship advice! 🍎 #LoveTactics”
  • “I love you more than coffee, but please don’t make me prove it. ☕ #CaffeinatedLove”
  • “We go together like copy and paste. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V our love. 💻 #TechieLove”
  • “I thought I was moody, then I met my husband. Now I’m the happy one. 😄 #MoodSwings”
  • “Romantic dinners aren’t the same when one of you is on a diet. 🥗 #SaladDays”
  • “A good relationship is when someone knows you’re a snack but still respects your diet. 🍪 #SnackLife”
  • “My partner said I never listen to her (or something like that). 🤔 #SelectiveListening”
  • “My significant other and I have a great spiritual connection. I fall asleep in church, and he judges me. ⛪😴 #HolyMoly”
  • “Relationship status: Sleeping in my bed diagonally. 🛏️ #SingleLife”
  • “You know it’s true love when you both agree that it’s your cat’s world, and you’re just living in it. 🐱 #CatRuledRelationship”
  • “My wife keeps telling me to stop pretending to be butter. But I’m on a roll now. 🧈 #ButteryLove”
  • “We’re a magical couple: I make food disappear, and she makes the dishes vanish. ✨ #HouseholdMagic”
  • “My partner’s idea of getting dirty in the bedroom involves eating crackers in bed. 🍪🛌 #CrumblyLove”
  • “Our relationship is like my phone. I can’t figure out half the features, but I’m happy it’s smart. 📱💑 #SmartLove”
  • “I told my wife she was drawing her eyebrows too high. She looked surprised. 😲 #ExpressiveLove”
  • “They say don’t go to bed angry. That’s why we’ve been awake for three years. 🌜🌞 #SleeplessInLove”
  • “In our house, we have a simple rule: If I cook, she cleans. So we usually just order pizza. 🍕 #DomesticBliss”
  • “My husband is like my wine. He gets better with age and is always there when I’ve had a rough day. 🍷❤️ #VintageLove”
  • “Love is sharing your popcorn, even when you really, really don’t want to. 🍿 #PopcornLove”

Funny Ex Relationship Quotes

Going through the twists and turns of past relationships can sometimes feel like a wild rollercoaster ride – a mix of excitement and fear. But once everything calms down, there’s a special joy in reminiscing with a light heart and a smile. That’s why we’ve gathered a selection of funny quotes about exes that are sure to transform any bitterness into laughter. 

A man standing alone by a lake, encapsulating funny ex relationship quotes with nature's stillness.
  • “My ex and I had a love-hate relationship. I loved to be right, and she hated it.”
  • “Looking back, my relationship with my ex was a lot like algebra. I look at my X and wonder Y.”
  • “My ex is living proof that you can actually ‘unmeet’ someone.”
  • “I thought I was your sun, but it turns out you preferred solar eclipses.”
  • “My ex asked me, ‘Where do you see this going?’ I said, ‘With someone else.'”
  • “My ex had a parrot. That thing talked more than we communicated in our entire relationship.”
  • “You’re not Google, but you’ve got everything I’ve been searching for… said no one about their ex, ever.”
  • “Our love was like a candle. Now we’re just wick-ed to each other.”
  • “My ex is a living example of ‘user error’.”
  • “Our relationship was like my home Wi-Fi. The strongest connection was in the beginning.”
  • “I’d say we could still be friends, but I don’t like pretending.”
  • “Our breakup was due to religious differences. She thought she was God. I didn’t.”
  • “My ex and I were a great team. I made the problems, and she made the drama.”
  • “You were my cup of tea, but now I prefer champagne.”
  • “Our relationship was like a fat guy on a seesaw. Not much up and down, mostly just down.”
  • “You’re not an ex, you’re a Y. As in, ‘Y did I ever date you?'”
  • “I learned a lot from my ex. For example, how to hit the ‘block’ button.”
  • “You said you couldn’t live without me. So, what are you still doing here?”
  • “Looking at my ex now, I realize – I was dating a test version of who I actually wanted.”
  • “If our relationship was a game of chess, you’d be a pawn in my new love life.”
  • “My love for my ex was like a student’s love for homework. It just needed a deadline.”
  • “Breaking up with my ex was a weight loss miracle. Dropped 180 pounds in a single text.”
  • “I told my ex I felt like a trophy wife. Turns out, participation trophies don’t count.”
  • “My ex had the gift of never listening. It was like my words were in Airplane Mode.”
  • “They say don’t burn bridges, but my ex was the bridge to nowhere.”
  • “My ex’s favorite road was ‘the high road’. Probably why we never met there.”


When it comes to the dance of love and laughter, it’s the hilarious quotes about relationships that keep the rhythm upbeat and our moods lifted. In the midst of the highs and lows of being together, a shared laugh can be the magical bond that connects two hearts. Just imagine giving your special someone a gift that perfectly captures the essence of your one-of-a-kind connection, sprinkled with humor and a touch of personalization. 

Come and discover Sandjest’s collection of one-of-a-kind personalized gifts, each one a special reflection of your favorite humorous relationship quotes. Whether it’s a milestone celebration or simply to show you care, let Sandjest assist you in turning those inside jokes and sweet memories into a present that truly speaks to your loved one.

Dive into Sandjest’s collection today and find that perfect piece that resonates with the melody of your laughter-filled journey. Let’s turn those funny relationship quotes into unforgettable memories, hand-delivered with care, directly to your doorstep. Stay, explore, and let Sandjest transform your gift-giving experience into an expression of deep affection and joy.

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