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Funny Mother’s Day Gifts for the Queen of Comedy in Your Life

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Funny Mother’s Day Gifts for the Queen of Comedy in Your Life

Explore the top 30 funniest Mother's Day gifts, adding laughter to the celebration.

Funny Mother’s Day Gifts for the Queen of Comedy in Your Life

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When it comes to celebrating the matriarch who’s held the fort with both tears and laughter, nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like the funniest Mother’s Day gifts. For the woman whose humor has been a guiding light, these gifts are a token of appreciation that reflects her priceless wit. This handpicked list is not just about chuckles and guffaws; each of these funny gifts for mom has been selected for the joy they’re guaranteed to bring to her special day.

Our collection goes beyond the traditional, diving into a treasure trove of womens funny gifts that are as unique as her laughter. From quirky kitchen gadgets that add a dash of fun to her culinary adventures to humorous books that echo her savvy sense of humor, each item is a celebration of the joy she brings into your life. Whether she’s the life of every party or appreciates the subtlety of a clever joke, our lineup includes an array of funny gifts for mom that she’ll cherish.

In this compilation of the top 30 funniest Mother’s Day gifts, you’ll find everything from side-splitting home decor that brightens up her living space to playful accessories that highlight her sparkling personality. So, get ready to light up her day with laughter and show her that her sense of humor has been one of the greatest gifts of all. Let these gifts be a reminder from her little ones of the countless smiles she has spread and the laughter that resonates in the heart of your family.

Laugh Out Loud Decor Gifts for Mom

Infuse Mom’s special day with laughter and style with our selection of the funniest Mother’s Day gifts designed to adorn her space. From the tongue-in-cheek charm of the “This Mom Is Off Duty” Socks that give her the perfect excuse to kick up her feet, to the whimsical defiance of the “Whatever, I’m Late Anyway” Wall Clock, each item in our Laugh Out Loud Decor category is a conversation starter. These aren’t just decor items; they’re expressions of humor that turn any room into a haven of happiness. Let the walls, floors, and even the key rack echo with the sound of Mom’s laughter with gifts that are as playful as they are decorative.

Mom’s Sh*t List Shirt

Humorous 'Mom's Sh*t List' shirt as one of the funniest Mother's Day gifts.

This ‘Mom’s Sh*t List’ shirt tops our funniest Mother’s Day gifts list for moms with a sense of humor!


For the mom with a wicked sense of humor, the Mom’s Sh*t List Shirt is the ultimate funny Mother’s Day gift. This hilarious shirt, featuring a not-so-subtle message, is perfect for the matriarch who doesn’t mind being cheeky. Made from comfortable fabric, it’s not only a novelty item but also a cozy wardrobe staple for her to sport on casual days or when she’s reigning over her domain at home.

“This Mom Is Off Duty” Socks

This Mom Is Off Duty' novelty socks for a funny Mother's Day surprise.

Kick back and relax with these ‘This Mom Is Off Duty’ socks, a perfect pick from our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Gift relaxation with a twist with the “This Mom Is Off Duty” Socks, the funniest Mother’s Day gifts for the mom who’s always on the go. These cozy foot-huggers are not only plush and comfortable but also carry a playful decree for all to see. They’re perfect for the days when mom just needs to put her feet up and enjoy some well-deserved rest.

Whatever, I’m Late Anyway Wall Clock

Relatable 'Whatever, I'm Late Anyway' wall clock, a top pick for funniest Mother's Day gifts.

The ‘Whatever, I’m Late Anyway’ wall clock is hilariously punctual for our funniest Mother’s Day gifts collection!


Celebrate mom’s timeless charm with the Whatever, I’m Late Anyway Wall Clock, a comically accurate funny Mother’s Day gift for the eternally tardy mom. This quirky clock throws traditional time-keeping out the window, making a humorous statement in any room. It’s a light-hearted nudge for the woman who operates on her own schedule.

Funny Personalized Keychain For Mom

Custom laugh-inducing keychain for mom, perfect for Mother's Day humor.

Add a personal touch of humor to mom’s keys with this funny personalized keychain, a standout among funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


As a gift-seeker looking to sprinkle humor on Mother’s Day, the “Mom Thanks For Not Swallowing Us” memento offers a playful and slightly cheeky nod of appreciation to the woman who chose life for you. This gift, often emblazoned on various items like mugs or decorative signs, features a bold, humorous statement that’s sure to evoke a hearty laugh and maybe even a blush from your beloved mom.

I’ll Never Drive a Minivan Car Decal

Hilarious 'I'll Never Drive a Minivan' car decal, a funny Mother's Day gift idea.

Declare your mom’s cool status with this ‘I’ll Never Drive a Minivan’ car decal, a fun twist on funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Make her vehicle a bastion of her personality with the I’ll Never Drive a Minivan Car Decal, the perfect funny Mother’s Day gift for the mom who prides herself on her cool ride. This decal is a bold statement piece, easy to apply and perfect for the mom who’s all about maintaining her cool mom status on the roads.

Mom’s Last Nerve On Fire Candle

Mom's Last Nerve scented candle, adding humor to Mother's Day gifts.

Light up mom’s day with this ‘Mom’s Last Nerve On Fire’ candle, a hot contender for funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Ignite a smile with the Mom’s Last Nerve On Fire Candle, a scent-sational funny Mother’s Day gift that’s both aromatic and amusing. This candle not only provides soothing scents to calm the room but also has a label that’s sure to elicit a hearty laugh. It’s the perfect companion for a mom who enjoys a good joke with her relaxation.

Personalized Historical Portraits

Unique personalized historical portraits for a laugh on Mother's Day.

These personalized historical portraits are a royally funny addition to our collection of the funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Turn mom into the queen she truly is with Personalized Historical Portraits, an incredibly unique and funny Mother’s Day gift. Choose a historical figure she admires, and this custom artwork will transform her into nobility. It’s a grand way to add a touch of humor and history to her home décor.

Giggle-Inducing Kitchen Gear – Womens Funny Gifts

Elevate Mom’s culinary adventures with a dash of humor by choosing from our Giggle-Inducing Kitchen Gear, the funniest Mother’s Day gifts to complement her kitchen. Whether she’s flipping a pancake with the Bob Ross Waffle Maker or donning the “They See Me Rollin’ They Hatin'” Apron, each gift is sure to add a sprinkle of joy to her cooking routine. These kitchen essentials, from gag towels that’ll have her giggling while drying dishes to a shirt that playfully lists her kitchen pet peeves, are designed to delight her. Transform the heart of the home into a stage for smiles with these whimsically witty kitchen gadgets and accessories.

Don’t Have Ugly Children Mug

Funny 'Don’t Have Ugly Children' coffee mug for Mother's Day gifting.

Guarantee a smile with the ‘Don’t Have Ugly Children’ mug, brewing up laughter as one of the funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Every sip from the “Don’t Have Ugly Children Mug” is a humorous reminder of motherhood’s lighter side. This mug features a cheeky message that’s bound to make your mom chuckle with every morning coffee. Made from durable ceramic, it’s both microwave and dishwasher safe, ensuring a practical yet playful gift. Perfect for the mom with a sense of humor, this mug will hold her favorite beverages while serving up a daily dose of laughter.

Bob Ross Waffle Maker

Creative Bob Ross waffle maker, among the funniest Mother's Day gifts.

Breakfast just got more amusing with the Bob Ross waffle maker, a masterpiece among funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Brighten up your mom’s breakfast with the Bob Ross Waffle Maker. This unique kitchen gadget imprints the iconic artist’s serene face onto her morning waffles, offering both a delicious treat and a smile. It’s easy to use, with non-stick surfaces that ensure a quick cleanup, making every breakfast a masterpiece. A whimsical tribute to the joy of cooking, it’s a gift that’ll make her mornings as delightful as Bob Ross’s painting sessions.

Funny Dish Towels

Set of funny dish towels to add some chuckles to Mother's Day.

Clean up the laughter with these funny dish towels, a spot-on choice for funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Add a dash of wit to your mom’s kitchen with our Funny Dish Towels. These aren’t just any towels; they come emblazoned with hilarious sayings that’ll have her giggling while she dries. Crafted from high-quality cotton, they are super absorbent and durable. These towels double as both a practical tool for kitchen spills and a source of daily entertainment.

They See Me Rollin’ They Hatin’ Apron

They See Me Rollin' baking apron, a hilarious Mother's Day gift.

For the mom on a roll, this ‘They See Me Rollin’ apron is a hilarious helper from our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


The “They See Me Rollin’ They Hatin'” Apron is the perfect accessory for the mom who rules the kitchen with a rolling pin and a sense of humor. It’s made from sturdy material to protect her clothes and boasts a humorous phrase that will keep her smiling through any kitchen challenge. This apron is not just a gift, but a badge of honor for the mom who bakes with love and laughs.

Good Moms Let You Lick the Beaters Gag Kitchen Towel

Gag 'Good Moms Let You Lick the Beaters' kitchen towel for Mother's Day.

Stir up some fun with this ‘Good Moms Let You Lick the Beaters’ kitchen towel, part of our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Celebrate your mom’s fun parenting style with the “Good Moms Let You Lick the Beaters” Gag Kitchen Towel. This quirky towel is a nod to sweet childhood memories in the kitchen and comes with a soft, absorbent fabric, ideal for handling kitchen spills or drying hands. It’s a warm-hearted, funny gift that acknowledges her loving and laid-back approach to motherhood.

Love Cooking Ceramic Dish

Love Cooking ceramic dish, a humorous addition to Mother's Day gifts.

Serve some love and laughter with the ‘Love Cooking’ ceramic dish, a charming choice for funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


For the mom who pours love into every dish, the “Love Cooking” Ceramic Dish is a befitting tribute. This beautifully crafted dish isn’t just a baking essential; it’s also an oven-to-table piece that’s as functional as it is lovely. With its charming inscription, it’ll remind her of the family’s appreciation for her delicious home-cooked meals.

A Pizza Box of Socks

A quirky pizza box full of socks, a funny Mother's Day gift choice.

This pizza box of socks delivers comfort and chuckles, freshly baked from our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Gift your mom a slice of comfort with A Pizza Box of Socks. This whimsical set features several pairs of cozy socks, cleverly packaged in a box that mimics a pizza delivery. These socks aren’t just warm; they’re also a feast for the eyes with their vibrant, fun designs. It’s a unique and comfy gift that’ll have your mom’s feet—and heart—feeling toasty.

Sip & Chuckle Collection – Funny Gifts for Mom

Toast to the matriarch who deserves a break with our Sip & Chuckle Collection, the funniest Mother’s Day gifts for her to enjoy her favorite beverages. This collection is brimming with items like the Wine Bottle Glass Attachment, for the mom who enjoys a glass… or a bottle… of wine, and cheeky coasters that protect her tables with a side of sarcasm. Each sip becomes a reason to chuckle, from novelty pint glasses celebrating her ‘Parenting Championship’ to wine glasses that confirm her status as the favorite child’s giver. Let each gulp be accompanied by a giggle as she enjoys our selection of humorous, high-spirited drinkware.

Genius Bottle Stopper

Inventive genius bottle stopper, a funniest Mother's Day gifts contender.

Seal the deal on good times with this genius bottle stopper, a smart selection in our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Discover the perfect funny Mother’s Day gift for the wine-savvy mom with the Genius Bottle Stopper. This cleverly designed stopper doesn’t just seal in freshness; it also declares her brilliance with every use. Made with durable materials, it’s a humorous yet practical addition to her wine accessories, ensuring her favorite bottle remains as smart and sharp as her wit. Perfect for moms who appreciate a good laugh along with their vino.

Wine Bottle Glass Attachment

Wine bottle glass attachment for a funny Mother's Day celebration.

Pour a glass of giggles with this wine bottle glass attachment, a vino-tastic funniest Mother’s Day gift.


Gift laughter and luxury with the Wine Bottle Glass Attachment, a hilarious and ingenious funny Mother’s Day gift. This attachment allows her to sip directly from the bottle with the finesse of a glass stem, combining the ease of a casual drink with the elegance of a formal toast. Ideal for the mom who has everything, it’s a unique piece that will have her giggling with every pour.

Funny Mother’s Day Wine Labels

Customizable funny Mother's Day wine labels to surprise your mom.

Label your love with laughter using these funny Mother’s Day wine labels, a top vintage in funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Transform any bottle into a barrel of laughs with our Funny Mother’s Day Wine Labels. These labels feature witty quips and playful graphics, turning her evening drink into a chuckle-worthy experience. They’re easy to apply and fit most wine bottles, making them an instant hit for the mom with a good sense of humor and a love for wine.

Don’t F*ck Up The Table Letterpress Coasters

Cheeky 'Don't F*ck Up The Table' letterpress coasters for Mother's Day.

Protect your tables with a smile with these ‘Don’t F*ck Up The Table’ coasters, a standout in funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Ensure Mom’s tables stay pristine and her humor stays sharp with the “Don’t F*ck Up The Table” Letterpress Coasters. These coasters aren’t just functional; they’re a bold statement piece, crafted with high-quality materials and an unapologetic message that will draw a laugh from everyone who sees them. A funny Mother’s Day gift that’s both stylish and outspoken.

Size Matters Coaster

Witty 'Size Matters' coaster, a funniest Mother's Day gifts option.

This ‘Size Matters’ coaster is a small reminder for big laughs, a perfect piece from our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Add a cheeky touch to her coffee table with the Size Matters Coaster, a funny Mother’s Day gift that’s sure to elicit a smile. Crafted with durability in mind, these coasters bring a playful jab at the age-old debate of size, ideal for holding large mugs or tiny tea cups. It’s the little things—and sometimes the big things—that count.

Parenting Championship Pint Glasses

Parenting Championship pint glasses, a laughable Mother's Day gift.

Toast to the most entertaining mom with these Parenting Championship pint glasses, champions of funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Celebrate her victories in motherhood with the Parenting Championship Pint Glasses. These glasses are not only a tribute to her unbeatable parenting skills but also a way to add humor to her day. Every sip she takes is a toast to her enduring patience and love, making these a perfect funny Mother’s Day gift for the champion in her.

My Favorite Child Gave Me This Glass Wine Glass

My Favorite Child Gave Me This Glass' wine glass for Mother's Day fun.

Celebrate mom’s favorite child (you!) with this humorous wine glass, a clear winner in our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Show your favorite status with the “My Favorite Child Gave Me This Glass” Wine Glass. This gift offers a humorous nod to sibling rivalry and stands as a testament to your special bond. It’s the perfect combination of sentiment and humor, ensuring Mom feels both loved and amused this Mother’s Day.

Fun & Game Gifts for Mom with a Twist

Celebrate the lighter side of motherhood with our Fun & Games with a Twist, the funniest Mother’s Day gifts that guarantee to keep the merriment high and the boredom at bay. Whether it’s through a spirited session of “What Do You Meme” or a creative round of “The Golden Girls Mad Libs,” these gifts are crafted for the mom who loves a good game night filled with laughter. With items like Personalized Historical Portraits to add a royal touch to her fun, or the amusingly frank bath salts that promise relaxation with a chuckle, each product is a playful escape from the everyday. Gift her not just a game, but a joyful experience that she’ll treasure beyond Mother’s Day.

What Do You Meme Game

What Do You Meme Game, a top funniest Mother's Day gifts selection.

Game nights just got funnier with ‘What Do You Meme’, a top scorer in our funniest Mother’s Day gifts lineup.


For a mom with a sense of humor that matches her sense of family fun, the “What Do You Meme Game” is a brilliant Mother’s Day gift. It’s the modern party game for meme-lovers, turning her special day into a hilarious battle of wit and humor. Designed to bring the family together, it’s perfect for moms who appreciate a good laugh and a playful challenge. With captions that range from snarky to silly, every round promises to be an unforgettable mix of fun and laughter.

The Golden Girls Mad Libs

The Golden Girls Mad Libs book, an amusing Mother's Day gift.

Travel down the lanes of nostalgia with ‘The Golden Girls Mad Libs’, a golden ticket in our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Pay tribute to Mom’s favorite classic sitcom with “The Golden Girls Mad Libs,” an entertaining Mother’s Day gift that will have her doubled over in laughter. Filled with blanks that she can fill with her most humorous adjectives, verbs, and nouns, this book turns into a personalized comedy script that she can enjoy with family and friends. Perfect for the mom who’s young at heart and a fan of the timeless show, it’s a nostalgic yet fresh way to celebrate her day.

Funny Peeing Cowboy Planter

Funny peeing cowboy planter, an unforgettable Mother's Day gift.

Plant some joy with this funny peeing cowboy planter, a quirky addition to our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Spruce up Mom’s garden with a touch of humor using the Funny Peeing Cowboy Planter. It’s not just a vessel for her beloved plants; it’s a quirky conversation starter that will surely get a chuckle from visitors. These Mother’s day garden gifts are a unique blend of western flair and comic relief, making it a standout addition to her collection of garden decor. Ideal for the mom with a green thumb and a good sense of humor.

Calm the F*ck Down Bath Salts

Calm the F*ck Down bath salts, a humorous Mother's Day pampering gift.

Soak away the stress with ‘Calm the F*ck Down’ bath salts, a spa-tacular feature in our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


For the mom who juggles it all and deserves a moment of respite, “Calm the F*ck Down Bath Salts” offers a cheeky solution to stress. These bath salts are not just a funny novelty; they are crafted to provide a genuinely relaxing experience. Infused with essential oils and a sense of humor, they’re the perfect end to a long day for any mom with a sassy side.

There Are Moms Way Worse Than You

Book 'There Are Moms Way Worse Than You' for a light-hearted Mother's Day.

Reassure mom with a chuckle with ‘There Are Moms Way Worse Than You’, a comforting choice among funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Boost her confidence and tickle her funny bone with “There Are Moms Way Worse Than You.” It’s a book that celebrates the perfectly imperfect aspects of motherhood with humor and love. These Mother’s day gifts from kids serve as a comforting gesture, to any mother reminding her that she is doing a job on those hectic days. It’s a present that expresses appreciation, in the uplifting manner possible.

Knock Knock Notepad

Knock Knock notepad, adding wit to the funniest Mother's Day gifts.

Keep mom’s to-dos on the funny side with the Knock Knock notepad, a noteworthy funniest Mother’s Day gift.


For the organized mom with a playful streak, the Knock Knock Notepad is a delightful tool that will keep her to-dos in check while making her smile. These notepads come with witty titles and checkboxes that turn the mundane task of note-taking into a joyous activity. Whether she’s jotting down grocery lists or reminders, this notepad will make each note a moment of fun.

Because I Said So Enamel Pin

‘Because I Said So' enamel pin, a comical touch for Mother's Day.

Pin the title of ‘best kid’ on with this ‘Because I Said So’ enamel pin, a shiny spot in our funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Celebrate your mom’s words of wisdom with the “Because I Said So Enamel Pin.” This small accessory is a mighty emblem of her matriarchal sayings. It’s not just a pin; it’s an honor badge for every time her advice has guided you right. With its bright design and classic catchphrase, it’s an ideal mix of style and sentimentality, perfect for the fashion-forward mom with a sense of humor.

Lobster Sandals

Lighthearted lobster sandals, a whimsical Mother's Day gift.

Step into laughter with these lobster sandals, a ‘claw-some’ contender for the funniest Mother’s Day gifts.


Step up Mom’s shoe game with a pair of Lobster Sandals, a quirky and unexpected gift that’s sure to bring a smile to her face. These sandals go beyond being shoes; they make a fashion statement that shows she has a sense of style and doesn’t take life too seriously. They are comfortable and enjoyable. Guaranteed to add flair to any summer ensemble. These sandals are ideal for moms who enjoy standing out from the crowd.


As we wrap up this delightful journey through the funniest Mother’s Day gifts, we hope you’ve found the perfect item that will make your mom’s heart sing with laughter. Remember, each chuckle and every giggle is a testament to the joy she has instilled in your life. These hand-selected items are more than just gifts; they are memories in the making, little bundles of joy that will remind her of this day with a smile.

For those seeking something truly unique, Sandjest offers an exquisite array of personalized presents that are not merely gifts but are sentiments embodied. With Sandjest, it’s not just about the laugh-out-loud moments; it’s about creating experiences that resonate with warmth and personal touch. Their commitment to bringing you closer through the art of gift-giving ensures that every item from their selection of women’s funny gifts and funny gifts for mom becomes a cherished keepsake.

As you consider making this Mother’s Day one filled with love and levity, take a moment to browse Sandjest’s collection. Let them help you elevate your gift to something extraordinary, a heartfelt expression that will last far beyond this special day. Celebrate your Queen of Comedy with a gift that’s as special and spirited as she is. With Sandjest, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re weaving a story, one laugh at a time.

So don’t wait. Make her day memorable and fill it with joy and humor that only the funniest Mother’s Day gifts can deliver. Visit Sandjest today, and let the merriment of Mother’s Day begin!


What Makes A Mother’s Day Gift Funny?

When searching for the funniest Mother’s Day gifts, look for presents that capture your mom’s sense of humor, whether it’s through witty one-liners, amusing illustrations, or playful puns. The key is to find a gift that resonates with her unique personality and the shared jokes that have woven the colorful tapestry of your relationship.

Can Funny Gifts Be Personalized?

Absolutely! Adding a personalized touch to funny gifts can make them even more special. Many providers, including Sandjest, specialize in customizing humorous presents, ensuring that your funniest Mother’s Day gifts reflect a sense of personalization that’s tailored to your mom’s comedic taste.

How Do I Choose The Best Funny Gift For Mother’s Day?

Choosing the best funny Mother’s Day gifts involves thinking about what brings joy and laughter to your mom. Reflect on inside jokes, her favorite comedy shows, or even pastimes that bring her joy. It’s the thought and personal connection that often elicit the biggest smiles and the most heartfelt laughter.

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