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21+ Adorable Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids to Surprise Mom

Mother's Day Highlight Blogs

21+ Adorable Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids to Surprise Mom

A collage of heartfelt Mother's Day gift ideas for kids to make or give.

21+ Adorable Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids to Surprise Mom

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Mother’s Day is a celebration of love, nurturing, and the tireless work of moms everywhere. It’s a day when the littlest hands make an effort to show a big heart through homemade Mother’s Day gifts from kids. This article is dedicated to helping children express their love with over 21 heartfelt homemade Mother’s Day gifts that range from adorable crafts for kids to precious gifts from toddlers and creative gift ideas from kindergarteners, perfect for showing mom how much she means on this special day.

For the crafty family, we offer a palette of DIY projects that foster bonding time and result in keepsakes that mothers will treasure for a lifetime. If your little ones’ dexterity is just budding, like their understanding of holidays, you’ll find simple yet endearing gifts from toddlers that are as much fun for them to give as for mom to receive. And for the kindergarteners looking to sprinkle a bit of their growing personality into their Mother’s day gifts, we’ve got ideas that mix fun, learning, and that special kind of love only a child can give.

These gifts are not just items; they are stories, they are moments, they are the distilled essence of joy from children to their mothers. They reflect the laughter in shared experiences, the warmth of hugs, and the sweetness in children’s voices saying, “I love you, Mommy.” So, dive into this treasure trove of Mother’s Day gifts from kids and find the perfect way for your little ones to say, “You are the world to me, Mom.”

Crafty Love Creations – Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Delight in the joy that handcrafted presents bring with our “Crafty Love Creations” category, a selection tailored for those seeking meaningful mother’s day gifts from kids. These DIY kits encourage children to pour their love into every brush stroke and glued piece, creating memories that last far beyond Mother’s Day. 

From painting porcelain vases to crafting floral bouquets with tiny hands, each gift in this collection not only adds a personal touch to mom’s collection but also serves as a cherished token of a child’s love and creativity. Embark on a journey of creation and bonding as these crafty gifts become a canvas for expression and a testament to the special bond between mother and child.

Jewel Box Craft Kit

A creative and fun Jewel Box Craft Kit for kids to make a personalized gift for their mom on Mother's Day.

Unleash your creativity and make a personalized jewel box for Mom this Mother’s Day.


Gift-giving becomes a personal affair with the Jewel Box Craft Kit, an ideal Mother’s Day present from kids. This kit allows little ones to design and decorate a jewel box with a kaleidoscope of beads and paints. It’s not just a craft; it’s a treasure chest of creativity that mom can use to store her cherished trinkets. Every time she lifts the lid, she’ll think of the hands that crafted it with love, making it a gift that’s both functional and heartwarming.

Paint Your Own Porcelain Bowls and Vases

Kids can unleash their creativity by painting their own porcelain bowls and vases to create a unique and thoughtful Mother's Day gift.

Add a splash of color and love to Mom’s kitchen with these customizable porcelain bowls and vases.


Encourage children to show their artistic side this Mother’s Day with the Paint Your Own Porcelain Bowls and Vases kit. Each set comes with ready-to-paint porcelain pieces that once finished, turn into elegant and personal home decor. Kids can express their affection through patterns and colors, giving mom a one-of-a-kind gift that’s as useful as it is artistic. These hand-painted pieces will not only hold mom’s favorite flowers but will also showcase a child’s love on her mantle.

Handprint Flowers Bouquet

A heartwarming Handprint Flowers Bouquet made by kids with their own handprints, a perfect Mother's Day gift to show their love.

A heartwarming Mother’s Day gift that will bloom forever – a bouquet made from your own handprints.


The Handprint Flowers Bouquet is a charming and ever-lasting gift for mom from her children. This kit captures the innocence of childhood with materials for kids to imprint their handprints, turning them into a colorful bouquet. Unlike traditional flowers, these handprint blooms will never wilt, serving as a timeless display of affection. This unique bouquet brings a homemade touch that’s sure to brighten her day and her home.

DIY Family Photo + Family Hand/Footprints Kit

A treasured keepsake for moms, a DIY Family Photo + Family Hand/Footprints Kit that captures special family moments.

 Preserve precious family memories with this DIY photo and hand/footprints kit.


This Mother’s Day, gift her the DIY Family Photo + Family Hand/Footprints Kit, a heart-touching blend of family memories. It’s a creative way for kids to engage in crafting a personalized frame that captures the essence of family unity. Alongside favorite photos, the inclusion of hand or footprints adds a playful and intimate touch. Perfect for adorning her office or living room, it’s a gift that will keep family close, no matter the distance.

Wooden Mother’s Day Cards

Rustic and charming Wooden Mother's Day Cards decorated by kids, expressing their love and appreciation for their moms.

Express your love and appreciation for Mom with these heartfelt wooden Mother’s Day cards.


Move over paper cards—Wooden Mother’s Day Cards are here to make a statement from kids to their moms. These durable and beautifully crafted cards offer a novel twist on traditional greetings. Each wooden card can be personalized with messages or drawings, creating a keepsake that withstands time. More than a card, it’s a display-worthy piece of art that conveys love in its most natural form.

Heartwarming Keepsakes Mother’s Day Gifts from Kids

Our “Heartwarming Keepsakes” category offers a curated collection of mother’s day gifts from kids that are destined to capture hearts and find a permanent spot on mom’s mantle. These keepsakes are more than gifts; they are a narrative of love, custom-made to hold precious memories that tell the unique story of each family. 

Whether it’s a personalized pillow echoing ‘Home is where Mom is’ or a puzzle pieced together with family photos, every item promises to be a vessel of moments and a reminder of the love that family holds dear. Gift your mom a timeless keepsake this Mother’s Day, and watch her treasure it for years to come.

Love Letter Blanket

A cozy and comforting Love Letter Blanket, a heartfelt Mother's Day gift from kids to express their love in a unique and personal way.

Cozy up with Mom and snuggle under this heartwarming love letter blanket.


Wrap your mom in the warmth of your affection with the Love Letter Blanket, a thoughtful mother’s day gift from kids. This cozy throw features customizable text, allowing you to express your heartfelt message in a snug and stylish way. It’s more than a blanket; it’s a hug, a poem, and a keepsake rolled into one, designed to keep her feeling loved and comfortable. Ideal for cuddling up on lazy afternoons or adding a personal touch to her home decor, this blanket is a testament to the special bond between mother and child.

‘Home Is Where Our Mom Is’ Personalized Pillow

A personalized 'Home Is Where Our Mom Is' Pillow, a reminder of the special bond between a mother and her child.

Let Mom know she’s always the heart of the home with this personalized pillow.


Add a comforting and loving touch to your mother’s favorite chair or bed with this ‘Home Is Where Our Mom Is’ Personalized Pillow. As an endearing mother’s day gift from kids, this pillow can be customized with your family’s names, making it a daily reminder of the togetherness that makes a house a home. The high-quality fabric and sentimental value fuse to create not just a decorative item, but a soft token of your presence in her everyday spaces.

Custom Photo Coasters

Practical and decorative Custom Photo Coasters featuring special family moments, a thoughtful Mother's Day gift from kids.

Keep Mom’s favorite memories close at hand with these custom photo coasters.


Preserve memories and protect surfaces with Custom Photo Coasters, a unique and practical mother’s day gift from kids. Each coaster can be personalized with a cherished photo, turning moments into a functional art piece. Perfect for her coffee table or nightstand, these coasters offer a daily flashback to happy times every time she sets down her drink. Durable and delightful, they’re a gift that’s both sentimental and handy, ensuring your moments together stay imprinted in her heart and home.

Personalized Photo Puzzle

A fun and engaging Personalized Photo Puzzle featuring a cherished family photo, a creative Mother's Day gift that kids can personalize.

Challenge Mom’s mind and delight her heart with this personalized photo puzzle.


Piece together fun and fond memories with the Personalized Photo Puzzle, an interactive mother’s day gift from kids that doubles as a delightful family activity. Choose a memorable photo to be transformed into a high-quality puzzle, providing not only a game but a personalized picture when completed. It’s an enjoyable challenge that ends with a beautiful picture worth framing, reflecting the wonderful mosaic of your family life and the love shared between mother and child.

Personalized Dolphin Mug For Mom

A unique and personalized Dolphin Mug For Mom, a playful and thoughtful Mother's Day gift from kids.

Start Mom’s day with a smile with this personalized dolphin mug.


Start your mom’s day with a splash of joy with the Personalized Dolphin Mug. This adorable mother’s day gift from kids features playful dolphins that can be customized with names, making every sip a reminder of her children’s love. Perfect for her morning coffee or evening tea, this mug adds a personal touch to her daily routine and serves as a cheerful companion in her moments of relaxation or rush.

Storytime & Sentiment Mothers Day Gifts from Toddlers

Our “Storytime & Sentiments” category is a heartfelt compilation of mother’s day gifts from kids that brings storytelling and shared experiences to the forefront. These gifts invite mothers and children to curl up and share tales, life lessons, and create their own stories. 

With items like personalized storybooks that recount why a daughter needs her mom, or tumbler gifts that tell a story from a son, this collection is rich with narrative charm. Vouchers for mom also provide an opportunity for kids to promise quality time doing activities mom loves. This Mother’s Day, let these gifts be the starting point of new stories and the re-telling of cherished old ones.

‘Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story’ Book

A heartwarming and engaging book, 'Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story', prompting moms to share their stories

 Record Mom’s precious life stories for generations to cherish.


Discover a gift that invites a journey through time: “Mom, I Want to Hear Your Story” – a guided journal that offers children the precious opportunity to explore the depths of their mother’s life. Filled with thoughtful prompts, this book encourages moms to pen down their dreams, challenges, and triumphs, creating a priceless manuscript of her unique journey. It’s not just a gift; it’s a future heirloom that kids and moms can treasure alike, turning Mother’s Day into an experience of shared history and love.

‘Vouchers for Mom’ Book

A pampering and relaxing Vouchers for Mom, a thoughtful Mother's Day gift that allows her to indulge in some self-care.

Pamper Mom with a gift of pampering with these vouchers for her favorite spa or salon.


This Mother’s Day, give the gift of time and promises with “Vouchers for Mom.” This creative booklet comes with personalized coupons that kids can fill with offers, from breakfast in bed to a day free of chores. Each voucher is a pledge of love and service, making it a special way for kids to show appreciation for all the little things moms do. It’s a fun, interactive, and heartfelt gift that promises to make mom smile and feel cherished.

‘Why a Daughter Needs a Mom’ Book

A touching and insightful book, 'Why a Daughter Needs a Mom', celebrating the unique bond between daughters and their mothers.

 A heartfelt book that celebrates the unique bond between a mother and daughter.


Celebrate the irreplaceable bond between a mother and her daughter with the touching book “Why a Daughter Needs a Mom.” This beautifully illustrated gift highlights the wisdom, strength, and love a mom passes on to her daughter. Mother’s day gifts from daughter are something that will always be cherished. Probably because of the immense life lessons and love it holds. It’s a great way to honor their mothers and a gift that’ll be revisited throughout time.

Personalized To My Mom Tumbler From Son

A practical and personalized To My Mom Tumbler From Son, a heartfelt Mother's Day gift that he can use every day.

Keep Mom’s drinks hot or cold with this personalized tumbler from her son.


Elevate your mom’s daily routine with the “Personalized To My Mom Tumbler From Son” – a gift that blends practicality with a personal touch. This durable tumbler keeps her drinks at the perfect temperature, and with a custom message from her son, it becomes a daily reminder of their special connection. Ideal for the mom on-the-go, this tumbler is both a sentimental and functional gift that she’s sure to use every day, thinking of her son with each sip.

Matching Personalized Aprons

Adorable Matching Personalized Aprons for moms and kids, a fun Mother's Day gift that encourages bonding in the kitchen.

Bake up some love with Mom in these matching personalized aprons.


Give the gift of togetherness this Mother’s Day with our Matching Personalized Aprons. These aprons are the perfect mother’s day gifts from kids, offering a special blend of functionality and affection. Each set features customizable options to embroider names or sweet messages, allowing for a personal touch. Crafted for comfort and durability, they are designed to protect clothes during those fun-filled baking sessions or art projects. Celebrate your family’s culinary adventures and cherish the mess made together with these charming, matching aprons.

Mama and Mini Matching Outfits

Stylish and trendy Mama and Mini Matching Outfits, a special Mother's Day gift.

Show off the special bond between Mom and child with these adorable matching outfits.


Celebrate the special bond this Mother’s Day with our Mama and Mini Matching Outfits. As delightful mother’s day gifts from kids, these coordinated sets make every day together a little more extraordinary. They feature an array of stylish, comfortable options perfect for photo ops, outings, or simply lounging at home. With a range of sizes and designs, these outfits are a testament to the inseparable duo that is mom and child. Give the gift of matched style and enjoy twinning with your little one in fashion-forward harmony.

Personalized Name Tote Bag With Flower Garden

 A practical and personalized Name Tote Bag With Flower Garden, a thoughtful Mother's Day gift from kids that she can use every day.

Carry Mom’s essentials in style with this personalized tote bag featuring a beautiful flower garden.


This Mother’s Day, surprise her with a Personalized Name Tote Bag, adorned with a vibrant flower garden design that celebrates her unique style. As thoughtful mother’s day gifts from kids, these tote bags are not only practical but also offer a personal touch with the option to add mom’s name amidst a blossoming floral motif. Crafted from sturdy materials, these bags are ideal for shopping trips, carrying daily essentials, or holding special items on family outings. Gift this tote as a daily reminder of love that is as functional as it is beautiful.

Pamper & Tea Time Treats for Mom

In our “Pamper & Tea Time Treats” category, you’ll find a handpicked assortment of indulgent mother’s day gifts from kids that are perfect for encouraging mom to take a well-deserved break. From luxurious self-care boxes to unique tea-time essentials like heart-shaped tea bags, each item has been chosen to provide a tranquil retreat from the daily hustle. 

The ‘You are My Sunshine’ music box and the comfort of a hug candle bring both serenity and a touch of nostalgia to her quiet moments. Encourage mom to indulge in self-care and savor every sip of relaxation this Mother’s Day with gifts that celebrate her love and hard work.

Self Care Gift Box

A luxurious and thoughtful Self Care Gift Box, a Mother's Day gift that encourages moms to prioritize their well-being.

Help Mom relax and recharge with this self care gift box filled with pampering goodies.


For the mom who gives endlessly, the Self Care Gift Box is a thoughtful token from her kids, inviting her to indulge in self-love. This box brims with soothing essentials, from aromatic lotions and calming bath bombs to rejuvenating facial masks. It’s a handpicked symphony of relaxation that tells Mom it’s her turn to be pampered. Crafted to refresh and restore, this gift box turns any corner of the home into a spa-like sanctuary, celebrating her with every use.

Hug Candle

A warm and comforting Hug Candle, a symbolic Mother's Day gift that conveys love and support.

Warm Mom’s heart with this heartwarming hug candle.


Light up Mom’s day with the warmth of a Hug Candle, a perfect mother’s day gift from kids. Infused with comforting scents, it’s designed to emulate the cozy embrace of a hug. Each flicker brings a wave of vanilla or lavender, transforming her space into a haven of tranquility. It’s a gentle reminder of her children’s love, offering serenity at the end of a long day. This candle isn’t just a gift, it’s a sensory hug that lingers.

‘You are My Sunshine’ Music Box

A charming and nostalgic 'You are My Sunshine' Music Box, a sweet reminder of a mother's love and the joy she brings to her child's life.

Fill Mom’s day with sunshine with this adorable music box.


This charming ‘You are My Sunshine’ Music Box is a melodic expression of love from kids to their mom. Crafted with a vintage design, it plays the nostalgic tune with a hand crank, evoking precious memories. Compact and easy to use, it serves as a daily reminder of her children’s affection, perfect for her bedside table or office desk. Gift a note of cheer and the simple joy of music this Mother’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

 A unique and thoughtful Heart-Shaped Tea Bags set, a Mother's Day gift that promotes relaxation and enjoyment.

A sweet and thoughtful gift for Mom – heart-shaped tea bags to warm her soul.


Surprise Mom with a cup of love through these delightful Heart-Shaped Tea Bags, a creative and affectionate mother’s day gift from kids. Each heart unfurls in hot water, blossoming into a delicious blend perfect for her tea-time retreat. These novel tea bags not only brew a robust cup but also serve as a reminder of her children’s care. Elevate her daily ritual with this brew of tenderness.

Mom and Me Cookbook

A cherished bonding experience, a Mom and Me Cookbook that encourages kids to cook with their moms and create lasting memories.

Create lasting memories and delicious meals together with this Mom and Me cookbook.


The Mom and Me Cookbook is more than just a collection of recipes—it’s an invitation for bonding in the kitchen. It features kid-friendly instructions and nutritious meals that moms and children can create together, turning cooking into a fun-filled learning experience. This cookbook fosters quality time and culinary skill-building, making it an ideal Mother’s Day gift from kids who love to explore flavors and create memories with Mom.


As we conclude our look at Mother’s Day gifts from kids, I can’t help but feel sentimental. A mother and her children share an unbreakable bond unlike any other. This year, the kids outdid themselves with treasures handmade with love, from crafts for toddlers to gifts from older children. Each gift carries memories and gratitude for mom.

In every item, from a kindergartener’s playful gift to a toddler’s simple offering, is a heartfelt story waiting to be told. These gifts are meaningful expressions of love, tailored by young imaginations keen to show their mom how much she means.

We invite you to experience the joy of giving with Sandjest. Aligning closely with values of creating memorable, heartfelt gifting moments, Sandjest offers bespoke, personalized gifts, hand-delivered with care to transform a gesture into profound affection. Let Sandjest elevate your child’s gift with personalization, creating a Mother’s Day resonating with love and laughter.

Let this Mother’s Day be marked by joy and celebration of maternal love. Choose a gift speaking volumes and let Sandjest assist in this beautiful journey of appreciation. Visit Sandjest now to find that perfect gift saying “Mom, you are loved” beyond words.


What Are Some Unique Mother’s Day Gifts From Kids That Can Be Created At Home?

For those looking to craft something special at home, there are countless mother’s day gifts from kids that can add a personal touch to Mom’s special day. Handmade cards, custom jewelry made from beads, or even a photo album filled with cherished memories can all be made with love and little hands. Such creations not only serve as gifts but also as treasured keepsakes.

Can Toddlers And Kindergarteners Participate In Making Mother’s Day Gifts?

Absolutely, toddlers and kindergarteners are more than capable of contributing to mother’s day gifts from kids. Simple crafts that include handprints, easy-to-assemble collages, or even a bouquet of hand picked flowers are all wonderful ways for little ones to show their love. The act of giving something they’ve made themselves can be incredibly rewarding for them and equally touching for Mom.

How Can I Ensure The Mother’s Day Gift From My Child Is Both Meaningful And Age-appropriate?

Selecting mother’s day gifts from kids that are meaningful hinges on the thought and personalization behind the gift. Gifts that reflect the child’s age, such as a painted rock from a toddler or a handwritten poem from an older child, not only showcase their development but also their unique relationship with their mother. It’s the personal touch and the sincerity behind the gesture that make these gifts deeply significant.

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