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Laugh Your Way to the Weekend with 120+ Funny Thursday Quotes

by Thomas Turner 16 Apr 2024
A collage of funny Thursday quotes to brighten your week and lead you to the weekend

Table of Contents

Welcome to your mid-week mood booster! As we glide over the hump day and edge closer to the weekend, it’s the perfect time to sprinkle some laughter into your routine with our collection of funny Thursday quotes. These thursday quotes are not just any quotes; they’re your ticket to a happier Thursday, promising giggles and grins with every read. 

We all know that Thursdays can feel like that last push at the gym – necessary but oh-so-tough. That’s where our carefully selected happy Thursday funny sayings come into play. They’re like that friend who knows just what to say to lift your spirits and get you over the line. 

But wait, there’s more! Aside from the chuckles and guffaws, we’ve woven in some Thursday motivational quotes and Thursday morning quotes to inspire and energize you. These thoughtful tidbits are designed to not only entertain but also to motivate, making them the perfect companion as you navigate the tail end of the week. So, buckle up and get ready to laugh your way to the weekend with our delightful collection of funny Thursday quotes.

What Is A Good Saying For Thursday?

Inspiring and humorous good saying for Thursday to uplift your spirits

In the realm of weekdays, Thursdays hold a special place, teetering on the edge of the much-awaited weekend. A good saying for Thursday often embodies a mix of humor and optimism, serving as a gentle nudge towards the finish line of the workweek. 

Here are some quotes that express the spirit of Thursday:

  • “Thursday is a day to admit your mistakes and try to improve.” – Byron Pulsifer. 
  • “Effort is what is required on Thursday to finish all that needs to be done.” – Kate Summers. 
  • “Thursday, I forecast as mostly sunny. It’s a much-needed break.” – John Farley. 
  • “Happy Thursday! Greet your problems and decisions with peace and calm.” – Tracey Edmonds. 
  • “On Thursdays, we’re tediously checking off the boxes for the week until we’re finally rewarded with a weekend full of freedom and relaxation.” – Unknown. 

Funny Thursday quotes, in particular, have the ability to lighten the atmosphere and instill a sense of community among coworkers and friends alike. These sayings are like the prelude to the weekend’s symphony, encouraging one to persevere with a smile, knowing that relaxation and leisure are just around the corner.

How Do You Say Happy Thursday?

A cheerful person holding a cup with "Happy Thursday" amidst funny quotes

Wishing someone a Happy Thursday is more than just a midway greeting during the week; it’s an expression of positivity and encouragement as the weekend draws near. Utilizing funny Thursday quotes can add a delightful twist to this sentiment, transforming a standard wish into an engaging and uplifting interaction. 

These quotes often capture the collective sentiment of making it through the week, sprinkling a dash of humor over the anticipation of upcoming days off. In essence, saying Happy Thursday with a touch of humor can turn an ordinary day into an opportunity for joy and laughter.

Funny Thursday Inspirational Quotes

Embracing the spirit of the almost-weekend, this collection of funny Thursday inspirational quotes is designed to uplift and amuse. Each quote blends humor with a dash of inspiration, making Thursdays feel lighter and brighter. Readers will find themselves energized by the clever intertwining of laughter and motivation, perfectly suited for that final weekday push.

Lighten your mood with funny Thursday inspirational quotes to kickstart joy.
  • “Thursdays are just wannabe Fridays, but with the right attitude, they can still be fantastic!”
  • “Hang in there, Thursday is almost Friday. Consider it a pre-party for the weekend.”
  • “Think of Thursday as Friday’s opening act. Time to get your groove on!”
  • “Thursday is my favorite day to plan how I’m going to get out of the plans I made for the weekend.”
  • “Thursdays are just the universe’s way of saying, ‘Hang on, the good stuff’s almost here!'”
  • “Remember, Thursday’s just a small hurdle to the weekend. Leap with a smile!”
  • “They say Thursday’s child has far to go. Good thing the weekend is just around the corner!”
  • “Rise and shine, it’s Thursday! The weekend’s apprentice is here to bring joy.”
  • “Thursday is the promise of joy to come. Let’s laugh our way there!”
  • “On Thursday, we’re almost there. Not just to the weekend, but to another chance for joy.”
  • “Thursdays: When you can almost taste the weekend but still have time to shine today.”
  • “Let’s turn this Thursday into an adventure. The weekend’s just over the horizon!”
  • “On Thursdays, we wear smiles. The weekend is nearly here, after all.”
  • “Thursday is the underdog of the week, but it’s our secret weapon to weekend joy.”
  • “Think of Thursday as Friday’s friendly reminder that joy is just around the corner.”
  • “Every Thursday, I put on my optimism hat and dance towards the weekend.”
  • “Thursdays are for dreamers waiting for the weekend, but living for today.”
  • “Let Thursday be your day of laughter, love, and a leap towards happiness.”
  • “Make every Thursday sparkle with anticipation. The weekend’s cheerleader has arrived!”

Let these daily quotes remind you of the incredible impact of positivity and inspiration in your life. Cherish the happiness found in small moments and let it shine outward, brightening the world for everyone around you.

    Funny Thursday Quotes

    This compilation captures the essence of humor that Thursdays uniquely command. Funny Thursday quotes are more than mere words; they are a delightful reminder of the weekend’s proximity. Crafted to elicit smiles and chuckles, these quotes serve as a beacon of joy amidst the week’s hustle, offering a momentary respite to all who indulge.

    Dive into a world of laughter with our collection of funny Thursday quotes.
    • “I swear Thursday is just a stubborn Friday that refuses to show up on time.”
    • “Thursday: The most useless day. It only exists as a reminder that it’s been a really long week…and it’s still not over.”
    • “On Thursdays, my coffee needs a coffee. The weekend is close, but not close enough.”
    • “Thursday: The day I like to call ‘Friday Eve’ in my ongoing effort to make it sound more exciting.”
    • “Thursdays are just Fridays that are still in the beta testing phase.”
    • “If each day is a gift, I’d like to know where I can return Thursdays.”
    • “Thursdays are like that person who tells a joke you’ve already heard. We’re just humoring it until Friday comes.”
    • “On Thursdays, I’m 70% caffeine and 30% dry shampoo. The weekend is in sight!”
    • “Thursday is just Friday’s annoying younger sibling that won’t stop asking if we’re there yet.”
    • “If the week were a movie, Thursday would be the part you fast forward through.”
    • “Thursday is like an appetizer for the weekend – not quite satisfying but it’ll do for now.”
    • “Thursdays are like the middle child – often overlooked but secretly the glue holding everything together.”
    • “I’m convinced Thursdays are the reason people invented happy hour.”
    • “Thursday should come with a fast-forward button. Or at least a snooze option.”
    • “On Thursdays, I’m less ‘seize the day’ and more ‘just trying to survive until Friday.'”
    • “If the days of the week were a band, Thursday would be the bassist. Important, but not the main event.”
    • “Thursday is like the pre-party to the weekend, but nobody’s arrived yet.”
    • “If life is a highway, Thursday is the toll booth you can’t avoid before the open road of the weekend.”
    • “Thursday, or as I like to call it, ‘Friday’s opening act that nobody asked for.'”

    Short Funny Quotes for Thursdays

    These humorous quotes for Thursdays are short and sweet, but they pack a lot of humor into just a few lines. Ideal for those seeking a quick laugh without the commitment to longer reads, this collection is a testament to the power of brevity. It’s the perfect pick-me-up, capture the whimsical side of Thursdays in a concise, engaging manner.

    Get a quick laugh with short funny quotes perfect for your Thursday vibe.
    • “Thursday: The unofficial prelude to ‘Thank God It’s Friday.'”
    • “Thursdays are just wannabe Fridays.”
    • “Keep calm, it’s almost, sort of, nearly, just about the weekend.”
    • “Thursday, or as I like to call it, ‘Day 4 of the hostage situation.'”
    • “Thursdays are like the appetizer to the weekend’s main course.”
    • “Thursday: Not as depressing as Monday, but still, you’re no Friday.”
    • “Is it Friday yet? Thursday is just a teaser.”
    • “Thursday vibes: Too close to Monday, too far from Saturday.”
    • “On Thursdays, we’re thirsty for Friday.”
    • “Thursdays: The day when you start worrying about the weekend plans you haven’t made.”
    • “Thursday: Where optimism meets the reality of the weekend still being two days away.”
    • “If Thursday were a person, it’d constantly be mistaken for Friday.”
    • “Thursdays: When you can almost taste the weekend but can’t swallow the fact it’s still a day away.”
    • “Why did Thursday cross the road? To get to Friday!”
    • “Thursday should be optional.”
    • “Thursday: The day I like to call Friday Eve.”
    • “Thursday’s motto: Fake it till you make it to Friday.”
    • “On Thursdays, my coffee needs a coffee.”
    • “Thursday: The day of infinite potential and premature weekend excitement.”
    • “Thursday: Too late to give up, too early to celebrate.”
    • “Thursdays are the beginning of my weekend optimism.”
    • “Thursday: The ultimate practice round for Friday.”

    Funny Thursday Quotes About Work

    Navigating the professional sphere with a touch of humor, these funny Thursday quotes about work offer a lighthearted perspective on the daily grind. They serve as a humorous solace for those caught in the whirlwind of meetings, deadlines, and tasks, reminding everyone that laughter can indeed be the best medicine, even in the workplace.

    Navigate workday blues with funny Thursday quotes about work and humor.
    • “Thursday: The day I count the work hours in coffee cups.”
    • “Working on Thursdays feels like being the main character in a survival reality show.”
    • “Thursday’s to-do list: Pretend it’s already the weekend.”
    • “On Thursdays, I mix business with ‘when is it over?'”
    • “Thursday’s work mantra: If it wasn’t due yesterday, it can wait until Friday.”
    • “Thursday meetings: Where weekend plans go to die.”
    • “Work on Thursday feels like trying to run underwater.”
    • “Thursdays: The day your work computer starts sympathizing with your lack of motivation.”
    • “If work on Thursday was a sport, I’d be benched for lack of enthusiasm.”
    • “Thursdays are for asking, ‘Is it too early to be done with work for the week?'”
    • “Thursday’s work vibe: Let’s agree to pretend we’re all productive.”
    • “On Thursdays, my spirit animal is a sloth with a to-do list.”
    • “Thursdays at work: Powered by coffee and the illusion of Friday.”
    • “Thursdays: When you’re close to the finish line but running out of gas.”
    • “Thursday’s work philosophy: If at first, you don’t succeed, maybe Friday will be better.”
    • “The biggest lie I tell myself on Thursday is ‘I’ll finish it today.'”
    • “On Thursdays, my to-do list just laughs at me.”
    • “If Thursdays at work had a theme song, it’d be ‘Almost There’ on repeat.”
    • “Thursday: The day your work ethic starts questioning its life choices.”
    • “Thursdays are for daydreaming about the weekend while staring at spreadsheets.”
    • “Thursdays: When the only thing working hard is your imagination.”
    • “On Thursdays, I’m not lazy; I’m in energy-saving mode for the weekend.”

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    Funny Thursday Morning Quotes

    The dawn of Thursday brings with it a unique blend of anticipation and fatigue. These funny Thursday morning quotes are crafted to ease the sting of the alarm clock, offering a humorous take on the early hours. It’s a collection that greets the day with a smile, turning the routine morning grogginess into an opportunity for laughter.

    Start your day right with amusing funny Thursday morning quotes and smiles.

    • “Thursday morning: Because Friday needed a wingman.”
    • “Why did the coffee file a police report on Thursday morning? It got mugged!”
    • “Rise and shine! Thursday called and said it’s almost Friday.”
    • “On Thursdays, my coffee needs a coffee.”
    • “Thursday mornings are just wannabe Fridays.”
    • “Hello Thursday, we say it’s Friday Eve.”
    • “Thursdays are just Fridays in disguise.”
    • “Thursday morning: when your bed holds you hostage.”
    • “On Thursday mornings, I’m a serial snoozer.”
    • “Thursday: The day optimism gets a reality check.”
    • “Alarm clocks on Thursday mornings are just early warnings for Friday.”
    • “I have a date with my bed every Thursday morning. We’re totally sleeping together.”
    • “Thursday morning: when your blanket becomes a cape of laziness.”
    • “Good morning Thursday! Now, if you could just fast forward to Friday, that would be great.”
    • “Thursday: The day my coffee is surprised I’m awake too.”
    • “Thursday mornings: proof that the universe has a sense of humor.”
    • “Dear Thursday, are you sure you’re not Friday? Because I could really use a Friday right about now.”
    • “Thursday mornings feel like a ‘read receipt’ from my bed saying, ‘Seen at 6 a.m.'”
    • “On Thursdays, I make grave decisions like getting out of bed.”
    • “Thursday: The ultimate test of your survival skills.”
    • “Thursday morning forecast: 99% chance of caffeine with a sprinkle of optimism.”
    • “Good morning! Just think, your current status is ‘pre-Friday.'”
    • “Thursdays: when you can almost start to taste the weekend.”
    • “Thursday mornings are the universe’s way of saying, ‘Hang in there, buddy.'”
    • “When Thursday morning texts you ‘Good morning,’ text back ‘Wrong number.'”

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    Funny Thursday Motivational Quotes

    With the weekend on the horizon, these funny Thursday motivational quotes strike the perfect balance between encouragement and humor. They are designed to inspire action and positivity, all while keeping the atmosphere light and cheerful. This selection caters to those looking for motivation wrapped in the comfort of humor, making Thursdays not just bearable but enjoyable.

    Boost your week's momentum with funny Thursday motivational quotes for energy
    • “Be strong. It’s Thursday. You’ve handled worse.”
    • “Thursday: The day I like to call ‘Friday Jr.'”
    • “Keep calm, it’s almost not quite, but nearly the weekend.”
    • “On Thursdays, we wear the armor of optimism.”
    • “Remember, you’re closer to Friday than you were on Wednesday.”
    • “Thursday: Not as depressing as Monday, but still not Friday.”
    • “If 50% of marriages end in divorce, then 100% of Thursdays end in Friday. Stay positive.”
    • “Embrace your inner Thursday. Only then can you unlock the door to the weekend.”
    • “Life tip: Lower your expectations for Thursdays.”
    • “Thursday: The most hopeful day of the week.”
    • “Thursday: where weekend plans start feeling like a possibility.”
    • “Thursday: The day optimism gets a slight boost.”
    • “Thursday: Because every week needs a hero day.”
    • “Keep your head high and your coffee strong. It’s Thursday.”
    • “Thursday’s plan: Keep calm and pretend it’s not the longest day of the week.”
    • “Thursday: When the week starts to look up, but you’re still in the trenches.”
    • “Thursdays are just Fridays that are trying really hard.”
    • “Thursday’s optimism: the weekend is over there. No, a little to the left.”
    • “Thursday: Not all heroes wear capes, some just bring us closer to the weekend.”

    Have more fun with our interesting quotes for every day of the week! From motivational to humorous, our quotes will inspire and entertain you throughout the week. Start your day off right with a dose of positivity or share a chuckle with friends over a witty remark. Our daily quotes are sure to brighten your day and add a spark of joy to your routine. Stay tuned for a new quote each day, and let the inspiration flow!


      As we wrap up this delightful journey through laughter with our collection of 120+ funny Thursday quotes, it’s clear that humor plays a pivotal role in enhancing our weekly routine. These funny quotes of the day serve as a gentle reminder to embrace joy, even amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. 

      From the happy Thursday funny anecdotes that spark a smile to the Thursday motivational quotes that inspire perseverance, each saying contributes to a lighter, more joyful atmosphere. The Thursday morning quotes, in particular, offer a fresh perspective on greeting the day with optimism and a dash of humor.

      In keeping with the spirit of spreading joy and creating memorable moments, Sandjest invites you to explore their unique range of personalized gifts. Whether you’re looking to commemorate a special Thursday with a happy Thursday funny keepsake or motivate a loved one with a beautifully crafted item featuring their favorite Thursday motivational quotes, Sandjest has you covered. 

      Our commitment to hand-delivering personal presents means that each item you select is more than just a gift, but a passionate representation of your feelings and emotions. Take the laughter and inspiration from these funny Thursday quotes and channel it into a thoughtful gesture with Sandjest. Let’s transform the art of gift-giving into an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the ordinary, making every Thursday, and indeed every day, a reason to celebrate the special connections in our lives.

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