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120+ Mothers Day Quotes for Friends That Celebrate Motherhood

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120+ Mothers Day Quotes for Friends That Celebrate Motherhood

Heartfelt mothers day quotes for friends celebrating motherhood and friendship

120+ Mothers Day Quotes for Friends That Celebrate Motherhood

Friendship and motherhood share a unique bond, a sacred alliance that brings out the best in us. Our friends who are mothers add a special layer to our lives, offering unwavering support and sharing in the joys and challenges of raising children. This Mother’s Day, let’s honor these amazing women who gracefully and lovingly balance being a mother and a friend.

Finding the right mothers day quotes for friends can be a sweet way to express your admiration and gratitude for these incredible women in your life. This curated collection of over 120 quotes is designed to help you convey just that. Whether you’re looking for touching quotes about mothers to highlight their strength, or simply want to send a mothers day message filled with warmth and appreciation, you’ll find the perfect words here.

Each quote in this compilation, from poignant mothers quotes to cheerful mothers day greetings, is chosen to resonate with the unique bond you share with your friend. It’s more than just saying happy mothers day my friend, it’s about acknowledging their invaluable presence in your life and the lives of their children. Let these words be a tribute to the amazing moms who enrich our lives in countless ways, making every day brighter with their love and dedication.

Short Mothers Day Quotes For Friends

Short and sweet can be incredibly impactful! Show your mom-friend love with a heartfelt message that gets straight to the point. These short mothers day quotes for friends are perfect for cards, text messages, or quick social media shoutouts, capturing the essence of your appreciation in just a few words.

Short and sweet mothers day quotes for friends to share heartfelt appreciation
  • Best. Mom. Friend. Ever! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You’re my favorite mom-friend in the world. 
  • We’re in this motherhood journey together! Love you lots.
  • You make motherhood look effortless. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Cheers to the mama who always makes me smile.
  • So lucky to have you as my mom-bestie. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Sending you hugs, love, and maybe some coffee too. 
  • To the world’s best mom AND friend – Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You’re an amazing mama! Don’t forget it.
  • Kids are lucky, but I’m luckier to have you as a friend.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my partner-in-parenting-crime!
  • Grateful for a friend as awesome (and crazy!) as you.
  • You’re doing a great job, mama! Keep shining.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to my favorite wine-and-whine buddy.
  • Superhero by day, best friend always. Love you!
  • Thanks for sharing your awesome kids with me! Happy Mother’s Day.
  • You’re the glue holding our mom squad together.
  • Couldn’t do this mom-thing without you. Cheers!
  • You’re killing it at motherhood. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • To my fellow chaos coordinator: Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Wishing you ALL the good things today.
  • Just thinking of how awesome a mom and friend you are. 
  • You deserve a medal… and maybe a nap. Happy Mother’s Day!

Funny Mothers Day Quotes For Friends

Motherhood brings laughter alongside the challenges. Celebrate the humor found in those relatable parenting moments with your mom-friend. These funny mothers day quotes for friends are guaranteed to bring a smile on Mother’s Day, reminding her she’s not alone on this wild ride.

Funny mothers day quotes for friends celebrating motherhood with humor
  • Here’s to surviving another year of motherhood… barely! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Hope your kids make you a breakfast you can actually eat.
  • Remember, kids are a blessing… just like wine is. Cheers, mama!
  • Being a mom is hard. Being your friend is easy. Glad we do both.
  • May your Mother’s Day be as calm as… well, never mind. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad I don’t have to! Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you get time for a shower… and a nap… maybe both at once?
  • Behind every great mom is a best friend whispering, “You got this!”
  • Kids change you, wine helps you cope. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • May your coffee be strong and your kids’ patience long. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • To my fellow hot mess mama: we’re rocking this, kind of. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Motherhood is like a rollercoaster – messy, loud, and way more fun with you!
  • Admit it, your kids are hilarious (and kinda weird), just like us! Happy Mother’s Day.
  • We might be tired, but we’re also amazing moms. Cheers to that!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the only other person who understands my crazy kids.
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Sorry, your day of silence is hereby canceled.
  • Here’s to strong coffee and stronger friendships. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s be honest, sometimes the kids are the reason we drink.
  • You’re doing amazing, even if those leggings are covered in spit-up.

Inspirational Mother’s Day Quotes

Motherhood can be filled with both immense joy and tough days. Let your friend know you see her strength and resilience with these inspiring mothers day quotes for friends. These words of encouragement offer a boost of support and a reminder of her incredible spirit.

Inspiring mothers day quotes for friends offering encouragement and support
  • A mother’s love is the fuel that empowers extraordinary journeys. Happy Mother’s Day, friend!
  • You embody the strength and resilience that motherhood demands. You truly inspire me.
  • Motherhood has made you shine even brighter. You’re an amazing woman and mom.
  • You didn’t just grow those little humans, you’re growing a beautiful legacy. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • To the world, you’re a mom. To your kids, you’re their world. You’re doing an incredible job.
  • Your dedication to your family leaves me in awe. Keep shining, supermom!
  • It’s not always easy, but you handle motherhood with determination and grace. You’re a true inspiration.
  • You make the tough moments look effortless. Remember, you’re stronger than you think!
  • You wear your heart on your sleeve, especially for your children. They’re so lucky to have you.
  • You rise to every challenge of motherhood – that’s the power of a mother’s love. You’re incredible.
  • Cheers to a woman who makes sacrifices look like superpowers. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Your love has the power to move mountains, and I know your kids feel it every day.
  • Your unwavering belief in your children gives them wings. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Watching you blossom into the mom you are today has been the most beautiful journey.
  • You prioritize what matters most, and it shows. Happy Mother’s Day to a truly inspiring mama!
  • There’s a fire within you that motherhood has ignited – it’s beautiful to witness.
  • Your ability to nurture those around you is a true gift. I’m so proud of the mom you are!
  • You’re a guiding light for your children, showing them boundless possibilities. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Don’t underestimate the impact you have simply by being YOU. You’re raising wonderful children.
  • Never stop believing in yourself, mama. You’re strong, capable, and a force of nature.
  • You’re not just changing your children’s lives – you’re inspiring those around you, too.

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Complimentary Mother’s Day Messages

Go beyond a simple “Happy Mother’s Day” with a message praising your friend’s fantastic mom skills. These complimentary mothers day messages for friends focus on highlighting her strengths, the love she gives her kids, and the way she inspires you.

Complimentary mothers day messages to praise your friend's amazing mom skills
  • You’re an amazing mom, and I’m so lucky to have you as my friend. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Your kindness and warmth shine through in everything you do, especially as a mom.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to a truly inspiring mama! You make me want to be better.
  • Your kids are the luckiest to have such a fun, loving, and supportive mom.
  • Cheers to an incredible woman – your strength shines as a mother and a friend.
  • Watching you mother your [children/child] fills my heart with happiness. What a gift you are!
  • You deserve a huge round of applause! Motherhood is tough, and you do it so gracefully.
  • You always know how to make your kids smile. It’s a true superpower.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who does it all with love and flair!
  • Your kids are blossoming because of your nurturing spirit. You’re incredible.
  • I don’t know how you find the energy, but you’re a boundless source of love for those kids. It’s inspiring!
  • Your children adore you, and it’s easy to see why. You’re a phenomenal mom.
  • You radiate warmth and kindness. You’re a true example of a wonderful mother.
  • The way you support your kids is an inspiration to us all. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Your patience is unmatched! You’re a role model for moms everywhere.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to a woman who wears the title “mom” with pride and joy.
  • You’ve found your calling in motherhood. You make it look beautiful!
  • Your creativity as a mother is unmatched! Your kids are so lucky.
  • You’re the glue that holds your family together. Happy Mother’s Day, supermom!
  • You light up every room, especially the hearts of your children. Happy Mother’s Day!

Quotes for a Friend Like a Mother

Some friendships feel as strong and nurturing as family. Celebrate the special bond with a friend who is like a mother to you. These mothers day quotes for friends capture the deep love and gratitude you have for a woman who provides unwavering support and guidance.

Mothers day quotes for a friend like a mother expressing love and gratitude
  • We may not be related by blood, but you’re my family through and through. Love you always.
  • Your heart has always been a safe haven for me. Happy Mother’s Day to my dearest friend.
  • You nurtured me, guided me, and loved me unconditionally – you’re the truest kind of mother.
  • Some friendships create bonds stronger than family. Happy Mother’s Day to my chosen sister.
  • I’ve learned so much about love and kindness from you. You’re a treasure, and I cherish you.
  • Motherhood isn’t just about biology, it’s about the heart. Yours is filled with pure gold.
  • You’ve always had that motherly instinct, that warmth and care. You were made for this!
  • Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who showed me what unconditional love truly means.
  • You protected me like your own, and I’m eternally grateful. You embody motherhood.
  • Thank you for always being there – with advice, a hug, or a shoulder to cry on. You’re irreplaceable.
  • You’ve been my rock, my confidante, and the sister I never had. Love you endlessly!
  • From childhood adventures to sharing life’s biggest moments – you’ve always been my mother figure.
  • You’re my chosen family, and I’m so grateful for your motherly wisdom and care.
  • Happy Mother’s Day to a woman who defines strength, kindness, and unconditional support.
  • Not all moms wear capes – some are amazing friends like you. Thank you for everything.
  • Your light shines so brightly in my life. I’m blessed to call you my friend and my “other mother.”
  • You’ve got my back like nobody else. Happy Mother’s Day to the fiercest, most loyal friend out there.
  • You make me feel safe, loved, and understood – just like a mom. Happy Mother’s Day, my dearest.
  • You’re my sister by heart and my mother by spirit. I love you more than words can say.

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Mothers day quotes for friends Who’s a New Mom

Bringing a child into the world is an amazing and challenging experience. Encourage and celebrate your friend on this new journey with mothers day quotes for friends who are brand new moms. These quotes acknowledge the transition she’s experiencing and offer warmth and support.

Mothers day quotes for friends who are new moms celebrating their journey
  • Welcome to the most wonderful club! Happy first Mother’s Day, you’re doing amazing.
  • This new adventure called motherhood looks incredible on you. Happy first Mother’s Day!
  • May your first Mother’s Day be filled with all the love and joy your new baby brings.
  • You were born to be a mom! Happy first Mother’s Day to my amazing friend.
  • So excited for you to experience your first Mother’s Day. You’re going to rock this!
  • Happy first Mother’s Day! You’re already a natural at this whole mom thing.
  • Your heart just grew even bigger. Enjoy every precious moment. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • You’re patient, kind, and loving – everything a baby needs. Happy first Mother’s Day!
  • Sending all the love as you celebrate this amazing milestone. Happy first Mother’s Day!
  • Happy first Mother’s Day to the strongest woman I know. You’re incredible.
  • You’re handling those sleepless nights and endless diaper changes like a champ. Happy Mother’s Day!
  • May your first Mother’s Day be as special as the little one who made you a mama.
  • Cheers to the newest, most amazing mama! Wishing you a beautiful first Mother’s Day.
  • Get ready for a lifetime of love and laughter. Happy first Mother’s Day, friend!
  • You make motherhood look so effortless, even if we know it’s not. Happy first Mother’s Day!
  • So much love to you on this special day! You’re an incredible mama.
  • Your baby is the luckiest to have you. Happy first Mother’s Day, my friend!
  • I know I don’t say it enough, but you’re absolutely rocking motherhood. Happy first Mother’s Day!
  • You’re strong, loving, and everything in between – the perfect mama! Happy first Mother’s Day.

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Celebrating the amazing women who fill both the roles of mother and friend is what Mother’s Day is all about. Whether you want to convey heartfelt appreciation, share in the joy of a new mom journey, or add a sprinkle of laughter to the occasion, these mothers day quotes for friends have something for everyone. A simple happy mothers day my friend message paired with quotes about mothers can truly touch their heart.

These mothers day greetings capture the unwavering support, endless laughter, and love that defines a true friendship. But why stop there? Let these beautiful words inspire you to create a special moment for the moms in your life! A heartfelt mothers day message can be turned into a sweet piece of wall art, incorporated into a cozy blanket, or even transformed into a unique piece of jewelry.

For moments when words alone feel insufficient, consider turning your favorite quote into a truly special personalized gift. Sandjest specializes in crafting meaningful and memorable gifts. A touch of personalization demonstrates that you’ve gone the extra mile to express your love and appreciation for those remarkable women who balance both incredible motherhood and cherished friendship with grace.


I Love These Mothers Day Quotes for Friends! Can I Use Them in Other Ways Besides a Traditional Card?

Absolutely! Get creative:
– Social media: Share a quote with a sweet photo of you and your mom-friend.
Custom gifts: Incorporate a quote into a personalized item like a coffee mug, framed print, or blanket.
– Handwritten note: Add a personal touch to your card with a handwritten quote inside.
Scrapbook or photo album: Create a special memento celebrating your friendship with meaningful quotes.

My Friend Just Had a Baby. Do You Have Suggestions for a Quote Celebrating Her First Mother’s Day?

Yes! This article has a dedicated section for “Mothers Day Quotes for Friends Who’s a New Mom”. These quotes celebrate the excitement and beautiful challenges of first-time motherhood, making those messages resonate even more deeply with your friend as she starts this incredible journey.

Are Any of These Mothers Day Quotes for Friends a Good Fit for a Group Message to My Mom Friends?

Definitely! Look for quotes that emphasize the strength, support, and joy found within your mom-friend circle. Quotes celebrating the shared journey of motherhood are perfect for expressing appreciation to your whole crew and showing them how much they mean to you.

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