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Celebrate Golden Milestone with These 50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Anniversary Quote & saying

Celebrate Golden Milestone with These 50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

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Celebrate Golden Milestone with These 50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Sharing 50 years of unswerving love can be described as a tribute to the eternal devotion and constancy. Then you have to figure out if your message can capture both the seriousness and the emotional part of it. You may want to write a card or a toast in a special occasion. However, the words seem to escape you. This treasure-trove of ‘Best 50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Share Eternal Love’ gives an extensive list expressing your best wishes for the special day. In the very beginning of love or in the golden glow of 50th wedding anniversary these wishes show how much two loving people love each other, a love that has passed through many difficulties

The anniversary of happy 50 years is not a simple task. One seeks something uniquely powerful and long-lasting to honor the great love. Within these pages you find yourself in the midst of 50th anniversary quotes that paint true love in all colors. These are not just ordinary anniversary quotes; they embody the meaning of companionship, respect and joy that builds a home. Moreover, if you need anniversary ideas for this event that reminds you of this indescribable bond, this compilation is your guidebook to crafting this an event as unique as the love being celebrated.

These ‘golden’ threads of 50th wedding anniversary wishes seamlessly embellish your words with the fondness and relevance due to such a great celebration. The anniversary ideas here demand to be ‘felt’ at the core level in order to create a meaningful connection with the couple and to ensure that their commemoration of their union is as special as the joyous event itself.

What to Write in a 50th Wedding Anniversary Card?

Crafting a message for a 50th wedding anniversary card may not be that an aggravating task. This gold milestone marks the end of the road that has been marked by love, lasting, and resolve, and these words should be as time-honored and meaningful as those you have spoken to thus far. 

When composing your 50th wedding anniversary wishes, look beyond the ordinary and harmonize on the uniqueness and the rarity of such a lasting relationship. Praise the twosome’s shared adventures, the strength they have mustered from each other as well as the memory they have created. This might also be a sweet gesture to include some personal experiences of the couple or quotes which touch them the most.

We will shortly be launching a customized 50th anniversary collection of wedding wishes that will suit parent’s, grandparents, uncles, aunt’s, and friends relations. Every sentiment is designed to embody the special tie they share, which is true to their experience and used to communicate sincerity, warmth, and appreciation. 

Whether you need a heartwarming, funny or deeply wise poem lyric to express the depth of your feeling, the collection will offer something to suit for every occasion. Take advantage of the moment’s formality coupled with the warm tone used. Your message should both commemorate the past fifty years and elicit hopefulness for the years to come. We’ll be releasing our merchandise soon; you can buy them to show your dear wishes on this day.

50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Parents

Elderly couple close together with 50th Wedding Anniversary wishes.

In a tribute to enduring love, our curated selection of 50th wedding anniversary wishes for parents honors the monumental journey they have shared. These golden anniversary greetings are crafted with the reverence and warmth their remarkable union deserves. Each message is a reflection of admiration and gratitude, designed to commemorate the steadfast bond your parents have cultivated over five decades. This collection is more than a simple congratulation; it’s a heartfelt homage to the legacy of love and the family they have built, offering you the perfect words to celebrate their remarkable milestone with the reverence it merits.

  • “Wishing you a day filled with memories and overflowing with love on your golden anniversary!” 
  • “Congratulations on 50 years of marriage! Your love and commitment inspire us every day.” 
  • “Cheers to the amazing couple whose love has only grown stronger with time.”
  •  “For all the laughter, love and joy you’ve shared, congratulations on reaching 50 wonderful years together!” 
  • “Throughout all the ups and downs, your marriage has only become stronger. Happy 50th anniversary!” 
  • “Your unwavering commitment to each other inspires everyone around you. Happy 50th!”
  • “May the sparks from your very first kiss continue to shine bright on your 50th year.” 
  • “Congratulations to the most amazing parents! Wishing you a special day and many more happy years.” 
  • “Mom and Dad, your lifelong love serves as a model for others. Happy 50th!” 
  • “To 50 years of happiness, laughter, memories and so much love. Happy anniversary!” 
  • “Wishing you joy, wonder and love beyond measure on this amazing milestone.”
  • “You hold the recipe for a storybook romance. Happy golden anniversary!”
  • “Thank you for always being an inspiring example of marriage at its very best.”
  • “May the flames of your devotion continue to grow on this golden celebration.” 
  • “Your unwavering partnership motivates everyone around you. Happy anniversary!” 
  • “Congratulations on five spectacular decades of marriage!”
  • “Thank you for showing your family the beauty of two hearts joined together.” 
  • “To the world’s greatest parents! Happy 50th anniversary to true soulmates.”
  • “Congratulations on achieving something so rare and beautiful.” 
  • “For two amazing people, may this amazing day be filled with celebration.” 

50th Wedding Anniversary Quotes For Grandparents

Joyful couple with 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration message in nature

In the universe of real love, grandparents are often the darling piers that celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary could employ as a milestone marking the enduring affection between them. This collection of 50th wedding anniversary wishes for grandparents is an artistic compilation of phrases that capture in a few words the nobility of their marriage which spans over a lifetime.

Crafted with reverence and warmth, these quotes are more than mere words; they are beacons of wisdom and love passed through generations. They encapsulate the profound respect and admiration we hold for the golden legacy that our grandparents have woven into the fabric of our family’s history.

  • “Wishing you a golden day filled with as much love as you’ve given our family.”
  • “Congratulations on 50 wonderful years! Thank you for your love and for being our guiding light.” 
  • “Cheers to 50 years of happiness, laughter and memories to treasure!” 
  • “Grandma and Grandpa, your love has inspired generations. Happy Golden Anniversary!”
  • “You have set the example for all of us on how to live in love. Happy 50th anniversary!” 
  • “Thank you for always guiding us with selfless care and devotion. Happy Golden Anniversary!” 
  • “Wishing you joy and wonder from this day forward.” 
  • “May the commitment you share continue to grow stronger over time. Happy anniversary!”
  • “Your steadfast marriage serves as inspiration to us all. Congrats on 50 wonderful years!”
  • “May the affection, trust and understanding you share deepen with each passing year.” 
  • “You have set the example for unconditional love. Happy Golden Anniversary!” 
  • “Thank you for the life lessons and for always leading by example.” 
  • “Here’s to celebrating your love story – 50 years and still writing new chapters!”
  • “Wishing you a special day celebrating lifelong love and partnership.” 
  • “Your unwavering devotion sets the example for marriages everywhere.” 
  • “For two amazing role models, congratulations on achieving this rare milestone.” 
  • “May the flames that brought you together only grow brighter.” 
  • “Cheers to 50 wonderful years and the most inspiring love story.” 
  • “Wishing you more anniversaries and adventures together ahead!”
  • “May the sparks from your first kiss continue illuminating your lives.”

50th Wedding Anniversary Sayings For Uncle And Aunt

Loving couple enjoying 50th Wedding Anniversary with a city backdrop

In tribute to a marital voyage that has spanned five remarkable decades, our curation of 50th wedding anniversary wishes for your uncle and aunt embodies the respect and admiration these familial pillars inspire. It’s a heartfelt homage to their enduring partnership, a beacon of steadfast love and mutual support. 

This section is a treasure trove of eloquent sayings that resonate with the joy and pride felt by those blessed by their example. Each phrase is crafted to reflect the golden glow of fifty years well spent and the enduring bonds that such unions exemplify.

  • “Wishing you a special golden day filled with love, laughter and wonderful memories!” 
  • “May the care and devotion that has carried you through 50 years only grow stronger.”
  • “Congratulations on achieving such an amazing milestone together!” 
  • “Thank you for being an inspiring example of lifelong commitment.” 
  • “Here’s to the world’s greatest aunt and uncle. Happy 50th anniversary!” 
  • “Wishing you an incredibly special day honoring five decades of marriage!” 
  • “May the sparks from your first kiss continue illuminating your lives.” 
  • “Wishing you joy, wonder and dreams come true on this amazing milestone.”
  • “Here’s to celebrating half a century of an incredible partnership!” 
  • “Wishing you continued closeness, contentment and joy in the years ahead.” 
  • “You hold the recipe for lasting love. Happy Golden Anniversary!”
  • “Thank you for being the most fun and loving aunt and uncle.” 
  • “Cheers to 50 years of an amazing marriage! Here’s to 50 more!” 
  • “For two guiding lights in our family, wishing you a special golden day.” 
  • “May you continue cherishing each milestone together ahead!” 
  • “Thank you for always exemplifying what true love looks like.” 
  • “Wishing you a golden day filled with love, laughter and happiness!” 
  • “Congratulations on achieving one of life’s greatest milestones together!”
  • “You showed us the true meaning of partnership. Happy anniversary!” 
  • “Wishing you many more adventures together in the years ahead!” 

Happy 50th Anniversary Wishes for Friends

Smiling senior couple with 50th Wedding Anniversary greeting in home

As friends celebrate this golden moment, it’s a joyous opportunity to express heartfelt congratulations. This curated selection of 50th wedding anniversary wishes for friends offers the perfect blend of warmth and formality, providing phrases that echo the magnitude of this occasion. 

Each message is crafted to reflect the beauty of enduring companionship and the shared experiences that have woven the tapestry of their union. Convey your admiration and best wishes to your friends on their momentous golden anniversary, honoring their remarkable journey of love and partnership.

  • “May the sparks that flew when you first met continue to brighten your lives.” 
  • “Congratulations on an amazing 50 years together! Here’s to many more.” 
  • “Thank you for setting the example of what true friendship and marriage means.” 
  • “Cheers to the most fun, loving couple we know. Happy anniversary!” 
  • “Wishing you a special celebration of half a century of love and partnership.” 
  • “Our lives have been enriched by your lifelong commitment and care for each other.” 
  • “Here’s to honoring an incredible love story and fantastic friends. Happy 50th!” 
  • “May your bond continue to deepen and grow stronger over the next 50 years.”
  • “Wishing you continued laughter, romance and adventure.”
  • “Thank you for your unwavering support and for always being there.” 
  • “Here’s to 50 years of a beautiful marriage and an unbreakable friendship!” 
  • “Wishing you joy, wonder and dreams come true on this special day.”
  • “Congratulations on achieving one of life’s greatest milestones together!”
  • “May your special day overflow with love, laughter, and wonderful memories.” 
  • “Wishing you decades more of growing together hand in hand, heart to heart.” 
  • “You hold the recipe for lasting love and friendship.” 
  • “Thank you for inspiring our belief in true love with your solid marriage.” 
  • “Here’s to continuing your beautiful story year after year.” 
  • “Wishing you nothing but happiness today and in all the years to come.” 
  • “May the flames that ignited your love only burn brighter and warmer.” 

50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Your Other Half

Celebrating half a century together with your other half is a testament to a love that sparkles as brightly as gold. Our exclusive collection of 50th wedding anniversary wishes is infused with romance and affection, perfectly tailored for the one who has been your steadfast companion through life’s journey. 

From tender 50th anniversary quotes for your wife that resonate with gratitude and adoration, to heartfelt 50th anniversary quotes for your husband that reflect on cherished moments and shared dreams, each word is chosen to honor this remarkable milestone. 

As you mark fifty golden years of marriage, let these expressions of love deepen the connection that you have nurtured over decades. This collection is designed to help you convey the depth of your feelings with elegance and sincerity, ensuring your message for your beloved is as memorable as the day you both said “I do.

Romantic 50th Anniversary Wishes

Senior couple walking hand in hand with 50th Wedding Anniversary quote

The 50th wedding anniversary, which is a significant and seldom met milestone of few couples, is a special and cherished one. It is the milestone of our fiftieth wedding anniversary, which symbolizes our vows of fidelity, marriage, and crafting of lifelong memories as a partnership. 

This meaningful milestone warrants not only honoring the heart wrenching memories but even more importantly, it is time to reflect and thank the best friend as the most precious valuable in your life. The unwavering nature of your relationship marching forth through six years and onward needs a sentiment that acknowledges how your connection is on a new level stronger than before. 

This partnering through the past 50 years of amiable rigidity has been suiting; thus, I would like to take the moment to express how my sentiments and adoration have amplified as we have navigated through numerous situations together. Through sentimental anniversary wishes, 50th birthday wishes evoke the spirit of romance while being proof that you have met a soulmate with whom you have been building 50 years of happiness.

  • “I fall in love with you more each day. Thank you for 50 amazing years together.” 
  • “My heart is just as full from our love now as it was the day we became husband and wife.” 
  • “Each moment with you is a gift. Happy golden anniversary to my soulmate!” 
  • “You still give me butterflies after all these years. Here’s to 50 more, my love!”
  • “I would choose you in every lifetime. Happy 50th anniversary to the love of my life!”
  • “My heart overflows with love for you today and every day.”
  • “Thank you for 50 incredible years of partnership, romance and hugs.” 
  • “From our first glance, I knew you were my happily ever after.” 
  • “Each anniversary only adds another layer of love and understanding.” 
  • “My feelings for you now are even stronger than the day we wed.” 
  • “Forever could never be enough time to share with you, my love.” 
  • “You are my home, my heart, my everything. Happy golden anniversary!” 
  • “May we continue nurturing our romance long after the gold fades.” 
  • “I cherish the lifetime we have built together one day at a time.” 
  • “Thank you for always keeping the fire and passion alive.” 
  • “Through all the ups and downs, we only became closer. I love you.” 
  • “Each new day is a gift because you are by my side.” 
  • “My heart will always sing a duet with yours. Happy anniversary!” 
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, I found my soulmate in you.” 
  • “I am overwhelmingly in love with you. Here’s to 50 more years!” 

50th Anniversary Quotes for Wife

Romantic couple on 50th Wedding Anniversary with festive autumn backdrop

Reaching the remarkable milestone of 50 years of marriage calls for celebrating your devoted wife with thoughtful, heartfelt words. After half a century of partnership, it’s important to honor the one by your side through life’s adventures with meaningful 50th anniversary quotes. This major accomplishment signifies a lifetime of trust, compromise and creating cherished memories together. Your golden anniversary offers the perfect opportunity to express appreciation for the laughter, wisdom and love your wife has shared over the decades. 

Quotes that speak to standing the test of time and only growing closer capture the magic of lasting commitment. Romantic sentiments recognizing how she makes you feel like the luckiest man alive are ideal for marking 50 years with your soulmate. As you embark on the next chapter together, anniversary quotes for your wife looking ahead to making new memories also have a special charm.

  • “Fifty years have passed, yet my heart dances with the same joy as the day you became my bride.”
  • “On our 50th wedding anniversary, I find myself cherishing every golden moment we’ve shared.” 
  • “Our journey to this golden milestone has been filled with love’s timeless melody.” 
  • “With every year, my love for you has ripened, reaching the golden hue of fifty cherished years.”
  • “Celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary is like opening a treasure chest filled with our shared moments and memories.”
  •  “A 50-year romance is the most beautiful story, and every chapter with you has been my favorite.” 
  • “Our love, now golden with age, continues to sparkle like the day we said ‘I do’.”
  • “On this golden anniversary, my heart is full of gratitude for the love and life we’ve built together.” 
  • “Together, we’ve turned days into years and years into a lifetime of golden memories.” 
  • “Like a timeless melody, our 50 years of marriage is a symphony of love’s sweetest notes.” 
  • “We’ve shared fifty golden autumns together, my love, each more beautiful than the last.” 
  • “Celebrating 50 years of marriage is like walking through a garden of golden blooms, hand in hand.”
  • “To my beloved wife, every day of our 50 years together has been a precious gift.” 
  • “This 50th anniversary marks not just our past, but the golden future we still have to share.” 
  • “A golden tapestry of love we’ve woven, with fifty years of threads, both bright and soft.”
  • “Our love story is my favorite, especially now as we celebrate our golden chapter.”
  • “To my wife of fifty years: you are the golden thread that holds my life together.” 
  • “Half a century of loving you, a romance written in the stars and lived on earth.” 
  • “As we celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary, I am reminded that true love is the most precious gold of all.” 
  • “In the currency of time, our 50-year love is the gold standard by which all else is measured.” 

50th Anniversary Quotes for Husband

Affectionate couple celebrating a 50th Wedding Anniversary with a heartfelt quote overlay

After half a century of loving companionship, celebrating your loyal partner with heartfelt quotes recognizes your unbreakable bond. This major milestone marks a lifetime of trust, compromise and creating cherished memories as a team. Your 50th anniversary offers the perfect opportunity to express appreciation for the laughter, wisdom and love your husband has shared over the decades. 

Quotes about growing old and falling more in love capture the magic that comes from building a beautiful life together. Sentiments that speak to how he still gives you butterflies after all this time are perfect for your soulmate. As you embark on the next chapter together, look ahead with quotes about making new memories while continuing to nurture your lasting romance and partnership.

  • “Fifty years of moments shared, my dearest husband, are all wrapped in the love we’ve dared.”
  • “A golden milestone for an undying flame, with you, every year has been a cherished game.” 
  • “Our love story is our greatest treasure, fifty golden years together, beyond measure.”
  • “With every sunrise of our fifty years, my heart has whispered love for you, so sincere.”
  • “Fifty golden rings on the carousel of time, each year with you, my husband, has been sublime.” 
  • “Our journey to fifty is a saga of love, each moment with you, I thank the stars above.” 
  • “To the man who has been my everything, for fifty golden years, my love will forever cling.” 
  • “A love like ours, tested and true, sparkles at fifty, a perennial view.” 
  • “Golden hues of love we share, fifty years, none can compare.” 
  • “Every day with you is a golden page, fifty years on, our love is the sage.” 
  • “Our golden anniversary reflects a love that’s true, forever is beautiful with a husband like you.”
  • “Fifty years have passed, and still, you’re my dream, a love so deep, a flowing stream.” 
  • “With every passing year, our love has taken flight, and at fifty, it shines ever so bright.”
  • “My heart’s dance partner for fifty years, through laughter and sometimes tears.” 
  • “Cheers to fifty years with my soulmate, every moment a destiny we create.” 
  • “In the waltz of life, it’s you who makes my heart hum, fifty golden years, and then some.” 
  • “Half a century of love, hand in hand, with you, my husband, life is grand.” 
  • “The gold in my ring reflects the love in your eyes, fifty years together, our love never dies.” 
  • ike a fine wine, our love has grown deeper with time, fifty years with you, sublime.” 
  • “Fifty years of shared sunsets, with you, every bet was won.” 

Funny Quotes For 50th Wedding Anniversary

Couple cooking together with humorous 50th Wedding Anniversary congratulations.

Navigating the golden celebration of a half-century together, humor becomes the sparkling jewel in the crown of matrimony. The upcoming section, brimming with light-hearted and humorous quips, is dedicated to funny 50th wedding anniversary wishes that are sure to evoke laughter and joy. In a world where longevity in love is a rare gem, it is delightful to sprinkle a dash of mirth on this monumental day.

These quips are the perfect way to honor the remarkable journey of fifty years with a smile, encapsulating the joyous laughter shared over countless moments. Whether for a card, a toast, or a heartfelt message, let these witty musings add a touch of amusement to the celebration of enduring companionship.

  • “50 years and still going strong! Keep using that crazy glue.” 
  • “Congratulations on 50 years! We applaud anyone who can tolerate their spouse that long.” 
  • “Mazel tov on making it this far without selling each other on eBay.” 
  • “Way to go on somehow not getting sick of each other after all this time.” 
  • “Happy 50th Anniversary! Hope you survive 50 more without needing couples therapy.” 
  • “Happy Golden Anniversary! You did it – half a century and still no bloodshed.” 
  • “Celebrating 50 years of mostly wedded bliss and just a touch of mutual irritation.” 
  • “Yay! Your marriage has successfully lasted longer than many celebrity marriages combined.” 
  • “50 years and you still haven’t gotten arrested for plotting to kill each other.”
  •  “Happy anniversary! Here’s to 50 more years of laughing together (and at each other).” 
  • “Congratulations on a half century of putting up with each other’s weird quirks.” 
  • “50 years down, forever to go! Let’s celebrate you not throttling each other yet.” 
  • “Hooray for 50 years of romantic meals, laughter, and hiding the life insurance paperwork.”
  • “Wow, 50 years and three couples therapy sessions – not too shabby!” 
  • “Here’s to 50 more years of commitment, compromise, and selective hearing.” 
  • “Happy Anniversary! We’re impressed you both survived half a century of crazy in-laws.”
  • “Congratulations on making it this far without selling each other’s stuff out of spite.” 
  • “50 years of romantic strolls, inside jokes, and installments on the getaway car fund.”
  • “Here’s to 50 more years of harmony, romance, and only seriously considering divorce once.” 
  • “Congratulations on achieving the dream: making it to your golden anniversary alive!” 

The Best Way to Celebrate 50th Wedding Anniversary

This golden wedding anniversary is a shining evidence of the long-lasting power and depth of the feelings a couple might experience. Marking the silver jubilee is one of the most special occasions of a couple that calls for the most outstanding methods of expression of love and honor. Thoughtfully crafted 50th wedding anniversary wishes not only honor the years spent together but also reinforce the bond that has matured with grace. To commemorate this phase, combining heartfelt words with bespoke gifts elevates the celebration.

Introducing Sandjest, a brand synonymous with unique and personalized commemoratives, offering a refined way to integrate your tender 50th wedding anniversary wishes into anniversary gifts. Imagine presenting a custom-engraved keepsake that captures the essence of a half-century’s journey, or a beautifully crafted piece of art personalized with words of love and devotion.

Sandjest excels in creating these one-of-a-kind treasures, ensuring that your gesture of love is not just seen but felt. Each carefully curated gift is hand-delivered, adding a personal touch to your grand gesture. Let Sandjest be your guide in translating your affection into a tangible form of admiration that will be cherished for the years to follow.


As we draw this love celebratory event to a close, we know that the right 50th wedding anniversary wishes shall act as semiprecious stones which will reflect the joy of the occasion and echo the sentiments of a lifetime together. From the heartfelt 50th year anniversary messages that perfectly capture the highs and lows a couple has experienced for half a century to the illustrative 50th year anniversary quotes that condense a such long relationship into a few words, undeniably message is powerful. These anniversary quotes and anniversary ideas we have shared are not just a collection of words; they stand out as the victory of lasting love, and they are one of the guiding principles for our parents’ future generations to look up to and be inspired.

In praise of this mundane event, Sandjest would like to invite you to commemorate this monumental moment with a gesture which surpasses the ordinary. Through the distinctive choices of personalized gifts, you can convey the sentiments of these more profound happenings that will be preserved for decades by the customer. Sandjest is not just about the gift; it is about leaving a souvenir of love that recalls a unisex piece of the lived together time. Their commitment to creation of personalized gifts with thoughtfulness, and delivery by hand warmly aligns with their mission of making “giving” a new, heartfelt term.

If you want to commemorate 50th wedding anniversary wishes in a deeply meaningful and personal way, our expertise will help to create a keepsake that is like this bond itself! Take up the chance to drive the glory of the 50th jubilee of Sandjest in your own unique style. Get yourself online today to see a huge variety of gift options, which will do more than to tell your loved one how special their journey of love is to you.


What are Some Heartfelt 50th Wedding Anniversary Wishes to Express Eternal Love?

Marking of a half-century worth of love is a great milepost that should be specially recorded in such a poetic way. Fashioning your short sentences in like that could present perceptions of in past pleasures, appreciation of the fact that throughout the time a special bond has arisen, and as for future happiness. By instinct, engraving what matters most in your hearts should ring with the long-lasting nature of the bond, making these moments your shared source of love that you will always look forward to celebrating.

How Can I Personalize My 50th Anniversary Gift to Make it Truly Special?

The fact that the selection is personalized is what makes a mediocre gift into a unique and lasting symbol of love. Using personalized ’50th wedding anniversary wishes’ as a part of the gift not only increases the sense of the gift but also makes it priceless like a lovely everlasting keepsake. Sandjest is an expert in making texture-rich anniversary gifts, which are not just perfect carriers of your heartfelt words but also have sentimental value to the recipient. Ranging from beautiful keepsakes to handcrafted masterpieces only customized for your exclusive desires, every item will be unique and a lifelong memory to show your devotion and appreciation.

What are Some Innovative Ideas for Celebrating a 50th Wedding Anniversary?

This great date serves a unique occasion for us to buckle up and let our mind go wild with an unconventional way of fun. For instance, have a revival of marriage vows solemnized as a suitable moment to remind yourselves what your pledge to each other stands for, along with your families and friends who have witnessed your triumphs and tribulations as a couple. A party that has a theme that was conceived through the couple’s story or hobbies can also be another possible way of making the celebration feel novel and belonging to the two lovebirds. Furthermore, you can also make a book of annotations, where friends and family write their wishes to husband and wife on this 50th wedding anniversary. Such a book is a great way to honor their everlasting love as a couple and their joint life.

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