Lucy Grace - Growth and Marketing

Personal Information

  • Full name: Lucy Grace
  • DOB: 20/07/1990
  • Place of birth: East Imaville
  • Address: 23123 Hansen Landing Suite 190
  • Email:


Emily Maddison graduated in Business Administration from American University. She currently works at Sandjest in the role of Growth & Marketing. Her main responsibilities include improving brand awareness and increasing profits for the company.


Emily believes in the value of personalized gifts. She asks, "Have you ever felt overwhelmed with so many products fighting for the 'best present' title?" While it may not be hard to choose a gift for someone, she emphasizes the importance of the gift reflecting how you feel about the recipient and bringing them joy and value. The goal is to avoid impersonal gifts and instead create treasured mementos that recipients can cherish for a lifetime.

Core Values

  • Perfect Choice for Any Occasion: Emily aims to help customers create unique and personalized gifts suitable for anyone, whether it's for a boss or a loved one. These gifts show the recipient that thought and effort have gone into their selection.
  • Creating Adored Keepsakes: She wants those who receive these gifts to remember the beautiful memories they share with the gift-givers every time they use the keepsake.
  • Ensuring Exclusiveness: Personalized gifts make people feel special and valued more than expensive presents because of their unique nature. Unlike common gifts such as colognes or watches, personalized gifts stand out and are cherished for their exclusivity.

Favorite Quote

“Life is a gift, make good memories out of each moment.”– Martin Ugwu