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Emily Maddison – Growth & marketing

Emily Maddison – Growth & marketing

Personal Information

  • Full name: Emily Maddison
  • DOB: 20/07/1990
  • Place of birth: East Imaville
  • Address: 23123 Hansen Landing Suite 190
  • Phone number: (734) 783-2646
  • Email:
Emily Maddison - Sandjest
Emily Maddison


  • Graduated in Business Administration from American University.
  • Working in Sandjest as a role of Growth & Marketing. Her main duty is to improve brand awareness & increasing profit for Sandjest.


Have you ever felt overwhelmed with so many products fighting for the “best present” title? It’s not hard to get a gift for someone else. However, does it really stand for how you feel about the receivers? Does it bring value, joy, and display how much you care about them? Here’s why it’s a no-no: The gifts are not personal!
Her major responsibilities are to showcase why personalized gifts are unique and stand out from other ordinary presents. The goal here is to help our customers turn their old ordinary things into the treasured mementos that the receivers can cherish for a lifetime.

Core value

Making a perfect choice for anyone on any occasion. Whether it’s your boss or the love of your life on his or her birthday, you still can customize a gift that suits any of them. Your optional choices are unique and personal enough to let the others know that you have taken the time and effort to make the gift for them!
Creating a gift that is adored and treasured forever. She wants those who receive those keepsakes to always remember beautiful memories they share with the gift-givers every time they use them.
Ensuring every gift’s exclusiveness. The exclusiveness of any personalized gift will make people feel extra special and more valued even more than expensive presents. That’s because you won’t ever end up finding the same colognes or watch they’ve already received from somebody else.

Favorite quote

“Life is a gift, make good memories out of each moment.”