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Hippie Mug

Hippie Mug

Personalized Old Hippie Lady Mug

Our vintage-inspired hippie-patterned mug,, will take you back in time to the days of peace, love, and rock n roll. Some mugs can feature intricate…

Hippie Mugs: Groovy Drinkware for Peace & Love

 multi-color with hippie mugs
embrace peace and love with groovy hippie mugs perfect for free spirits

Our far-out hippie mugs at Sandjest are totally psychedelic and perfect for spreading peace, love, and good vibes. Find the raddest customized mug to start your day on the right cosmic note.

Best Hippie Mugs

Be kind, dream peace, and rock on with our outta sight selection of the best hippie mugs. Choose from:

  • Tie Dye Mugs – Vibrant swirls of tie dye in every color. Custom tie dye designs also available.
  • Peace Sign Mugs – Show your love for mother earth with iconic peace sign imagery.
  • VW Bus Mugs – Cruise back to the 60s & 70s with a colorful VW bus mug.
  • Rainbow Mugs – Spread happiness with a vibrant rainbow mug handmade by artisans.
  • Flower Power Mugs – Groovy floral patterns straight out of the summer of love.
  • Psychedelic Mugs – Trippy optical illusions and surreal psychedelic designs. Far out, man!
  • Message Mugs – Positive vibes only with good karma messages like “Peace”, “Love” and “Hope”.

All our best hippie mugs are handcrafted from natural clay and painted with food-safe dyes. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Funny Hippie Mugs

Get your hippie humor on with far out funny mugs like:

  • “Stonerware” – For the hippie who loves 4:20.
  • “Llamaste” – Perfect greeting for a hip yogi.
  • “Namastoned” – Hilarious yoga mug to reach new highs.
  • “Crazy Cat Lady” – Embrace your inner flower child.
  • “Eat Sleep Tie Dye Repeat”
  • “Hugs Not Drugs” – Unless they’re the good kind. Wink
  • “Good Vibes Only” – Spread the love, man.

Make your hippie laugh out loud every morning with a funny hippie mug!

Personalized Hippie Mugs

Design a one-of-a-kind personalized hippie mug just for your favorite flower child. Add their name, quote or upload a photo to customize options like:

  • Rainbow Name Mug – First name in bold rainbow colors.
  • Good Vibes Mug – Add their mantra or quote.
  • Hippie Goddess Mug – Upload her photo as the goddess.
  • Custom Tie Dye – Make a tie dye mug with their name.
  • Peace Love and Their Name – Add any name.
  • Bohemian Mandala – Add a central mandala design.

A personalized hippie mug makes a far out gift for any nature-loving free spirit.

Hippie Mug Sayings

Spread good vibrations with inspiring hippie mug sayings like:

  • “May your day be groovy and your coffee be far out.”
  • “Peace, love and waffles.”
  • “Stay trippy, hippie.”
  • “This goddess runs on coffee and positive vibes.”
  • “My karma ran over your dogma.”
  • “Seize the day, dude.”
  • “Earth without art is just… Eh.”

Choose a saying that aligns with their spiritual hippie vibes to start each day on a cosmic note.

At Sandjest, we’ve created the perfect collection of hippie mugs to awaken your inner flower child. Browse our psychedelic designs and craft a totally custom mug today! Peace and far out!