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Dog Photo Ornaments

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Personalized Acrylic Dog Ornaments Custom Dog Photo Pawprint

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Christmas Gifts

Personalized Ceramic Ornament Dog Photo Pawprint

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Personalized Dog Photo Christmas Ornament With Pet’s Name

 dog photo christmas ornament for pet lover
Make a surprise for your pet fan with particular dog picture ornaments

Are you finding a unique and thoughtful gift for a dog lover, you might want to consider a dog photo Christmas ornament. A custom pet ornament lets you showcase your dog’s photo and name on a durable ceramic disc that can be hung on your tree or anywhere else. Create unique ornaments that showcase your furry friend’s personality and preferences by selecting from various designs, hues, and fonts. This is an excellent way to pay tribute to your faithful companion and add a memorable touch to your holiday décor.

What is dog photo Christmas ornament?

A dog photo Christmas ornament is a unique Christmas decoration that features your dog’s picture and name on a round or oval ceramic disc. For meaning, it is a personalized and sentimental to show your love for your pet and include them in your festive celebrations. Many individuals add a personal touch to their dog’s ornament by customizing it according to their pet’s personality and style before presenting it to the recipient.

What are some unique design ideas for a dog photo ornament?

Here are two suggestions for a dog photo Christmas ornament that you can make :

  • Personalized dog ornament photo: You can create a personalized ornament by selecting your desired shape, color, and font and uploading your beautiful dog’s photo. This image should be sharp and contain the happy moment between you and your pretty pet. For instance, you can opt for a circular ornament with your dog’s name and image in red and green.
  • Customized dog ornament name: You assume that the name that everyone chooses for their dog is significant. So why don’t you personalize a dog lover gift by writing a dog’s name and adding decorations or messages that reflect their personality? For instance, you can create a bone-shaped ornament with your furry friend’s name and a paw print design.

How can I personalize a dog Christmas ornament with my dog’s name?

How to have a beautiful personalized dog ornament with the pet’s name? Sandjest will make your dream come true with these simple following steps:

  • Go to and click on the “Picture Ornaments” category.
  • Choose the shape and size of your ornament from the options available. You can filter by theme, such as animals, family, or holidays.
  • Click the “Personalize” button to upload your dog’s photo and enter your dog’s name. You can also adjust the photo position, size, and rotation.
  • Choose your dog’s name’s font, color, and style from the options provided. You can add some stickers or icons to make it more fun.
  • Preview your design and make any changes, after that, click “Add to Cart” to proceed to checkout.

You can 100% believe in Sandjest when personalizing dog picture ornaments. The reasons are Sandjest offers high-quality products that are made in the USA and shipped fast. Additionally, the customer service is also excellent and received many positive reviews.

What are FAQs about dog Christmas ornaments personalized?

Are there any eco-friendly options for a dog ornaments with picture?

Yes, there are some eco-friendly options for dog picture ornaments. There are two manners to make environmentally friendly ornaments. The first is to use recycled materials like paper, metal, or plastic to create your own ornament. The second option is to purchase an eco-friendly ornament from a seller who uses natural or sustainable materials such as wood, felt, or wool.

Is it possible to include multiple dog photos in one Christmas ornament?

The answer to the question is affirmative; you can include multiple dog photos in one ornament. You can buy or make a dog photo Christmas ornament that has more than one picture frame, or that is double-sided

Where can I find dog picture frame ornament with customizable options?

If you are seeking a dog picture frame ornament as a unique Christmas decoration with customizable options, we highly recommend online shops like Etsy, Sandjest, or Shutterfly. They offer various designs and features that allow you to personalize your ornament with your dog’s photo, name, date, or message. You can also search for more options online or visit your local craft store for supplies.


A dog photo Christmas ornament is a wonderful gift for any dog lover. It can capture the precious memories of your furry friend and add a personal touch to your holiday decor. You can choose from many options, whether you want to buy or make your own ornament. You can also visit Sandjest’s website to see our newest collection of dog photo ornaments and enjoy their good service. A custom pet ornament is a surprise that will make your recipient smile and cherish it for years to come