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Valentine’s Day Quotes for Her, Him, and Them

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Valentine’s Day Quotes for Her, Him, and Them

Romantic, sweet, and funny Valentine's Day quotes for your girlfriend, boyfriend, or loved ones

Valentine’s Day Quotes for Her, Him, and Them

Valentine’s Day is an amazing time to express feelings and gratitude to the significant individuals in your life. While chocolates, roses, and sweet nothings whispered over candlelight dinners are nice gestures, finding the perfect romantic quote or message to include in a Valentine’s Day card or text can often be more meaningful. 

Your boyfriend, significant other, or any loved one will know how much you care when you say the proper kind words. To make the event genuinely unforgettable on Valentine’s Day, think about adding one of these sentimental, humorous, or romantic Valentine’s Day quotes for her, Valentine’s Day quotes for him, or Valentine’s Day quotes for them.

The simple act of including the ideal quote or message with your Valentine’s Day gift or greeting can speak volumes. Let these short, inspired quotes help you perfectly encapsulate your deepest affections this February 14th.

Valentine’s Day Quotes For Him

Selecting the ideal Valentine’s Day quote or message for your significant other can be challenging. For him, thoughtful, romantic words let your partner know how cherished he is. Valentine’s day quotes for him can encapsulate your deepest affections.

 Romantic and thoughtful Valentine's Day quotes to include in a card or gift for your significant other
Make your partner feel special with romantic Valentine’s Day quotes for him
  • “You had my heart a long, long time ago.” – Kenny Chesney
  • “You complete me.” – Jerry Maguire
  • “You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.” – Unknown
  • “I wish I could turn back the clock. I’d find you sooner and love you longer.” – Unknown
  • “Love is when you look into someone’s eyes and see everything you need.” – Unknown
  • “You are the love story I’ve always wanted to write.” – Unknown
  • “Love doesn’t make the world go ’round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.” – Franklin P. Jones
  • “Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.” – Unknown
  • “In your arms is where I belong.” – Unknown
  • “You are my today and all of my tomorrows.” – Leo Christopher
  • “You’re the cheese to my macaroni.” – Juno 
  • “I love you for all that you are, all that you have been, and all that you will be.” – Unknown
  • “The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds.” – Nicholas Sparks 
  • “In your smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars.” – Beth Revis 
  • “You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.” – Unknown
  • “You are the reason I smile.” – Unknown
  • “Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation.” – Osho
  • “My heart is, and always will be, yours.” – Sense and Sensibility 
  • “I love you more than yesterday, but not as much as tomorrow.” – Unknown
  • “You are my North Star.” – Unknown
  • “Love is an endless act of courage.” – Osho
  • “I choose you, and I’ll choose you over and over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat. I’ll keep choosing you.” – Unknown
  • “In your arms, I have found my home.” – Unknown
  • “I am who I am because of you. You are every reason, every hope, and every dream I’ve ever had.” – The Notebook 

This Valentine’s Day, make your partner feel appreciated with inspiring quotes and messages. By taking the time to find meaningful Valentine’s day quotes for him, you show how special he is. Thoughtful quotes are the perfect finishing touch to any Valentine’s Day surprise.

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Valentine’s Day Quotes For Her

Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day quote to include in a card or text for your girlfriend or wife is key. Love-infused Valentine’s Day quotes for women let her know how much you value her.

Sweet and meaningful Valentine's Day quotes to write in a card or text for your girlfriend
Share how much you care with these perfect Valentine’s Day quotes for her
  • “In her eyes, he found a universe of love, and in his heart, she found her forever home.” – Jane Austen
  • “He whispers ‘I love you’ in her ear, and the whole world disappears.” – Nicholas Sparks
  • “She is his sunshine on the darkest days, and he is the reason for her endless smiles.” – Emily Bronte
  • “Their love is a beautiful melody, composed of laughter, trust, and countless memories.” – John Keats
  • “In her arms, he found solace, and in his love, she found her sanctuary.” – Maya Angelou
  • “Their love is like fine wine, it gets better with time, and it’s worth celebrating every day.” – Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • “She’s the canvas to his love story, and he paints their journey with affection and devotion.” – Charles Dickens
  • “In her embrace, he found home, and in his love, she found a lifetime of happiness.” – Kahlil Gibran
  • “With her, every day is Valentine’s Day, and their love is the greatest gift they’ve ever received.” – Unknown
  • “She’s the melody to his heart’s song, and he’s the lyrics to her soul’s music.” – Victor Hugo
  • “His love for her is an ocean, deep and boundless, and she is the shore where his heart finds peace.” – Unknown
  • “Their love is a journey, and in every step, they discover the magic of togetherness.” – Unknown
  • “With her, he found a love that transcends time, and in him, she found a love that never wavers.” – Emily Bronte
  • “She’s the muse of his heart, and he’s the poet who writes love letters in her name.” – William Wordsworth
  • “Their love is the story they’ll tell for generations, a love that never fades with time.” – John Keats
  • “He’s the reason behind her smiles, and she’s the answer to all his prayers.” – Victor Hugo
  • “In her, he found the missing piece of his soul, and together, they are complete.” – Unknown
  • “Their love is the truest form of art, painted with passion, devotion, and endless affection.” – Maya Angelou
  • “He found his forever in her eyes, and she found her always in his heart.” – Unknown
  • “With her, he discovered the beauty of life, and in him, she found the love she always dreamed of.” – Jane Austen
  • “In her love, he found strength, and in his love, she found a love that’s unbreakable.” – E.E. Cummings
  • “Their love story is a testament to the power of love, written with endless chapters of happiness.” – Victor Hugo
  • “With her, he found a love that knows no limits, and in him, she found a love that’s always true.” – Unknown
  • “He’s the architect of her dreams, and she’s the foundation of his reality.” – William Wordsworth
  • “Their love is the sunrise that brightens their every day, filling their hearts with warmth.” – Rumi

Make her feel loved this Valentine’s Day by personalizing a card or message with a meaningful quote. Well-chosen Valentine’s day quotes for her encapsulate your affection and appreciation. Show her how cherished she is with thoughtful words that speak to her heart.

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Valentine’s Day Quotes For Them

Finding the ideal Valentine’s Day quote or message for your partner, whether romantic or platonic, can be a challenge. Inspiring Valentine’s day quotes for them perfectly encapsulate your bond.

 Funny and sincere Valentine's Day quotes for friends, partners and loved ones.
Find the ideal quote or message for anyone with these great Valentine’s Day quotes for them
  • “We discovered a love so profound that it would forever change the course of our lives.” – Unknown
  • “It’s not the material wealth that makes life worth living; it’s the love we share, which fills every moment with meaning and purpose.” – Unknown
  • “The beauty of love lies not in what we see or hear, but in the way it touches our very souls, making our hearts resonate with its melody.” – Unknown
  • “Valentine’s Day is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a celebration of the poetic symphony of love that dances through our lives.” – Eva Gabor
  • “While romance may be the sweet icing on the cake of love, it’s the enduring love itself that forms the foundation of our deepest connections.” – Unknown
  • “When we embrace love, we embark on a journey of self-improvement, and in the process, we elevate everything around us to a higher, more beautiful state.” – Paulo Coelho
  • “Love is not just a feeling; it’s a bond that sets our hearts ablaze, fueling the fires of friendship, trust, and passion.” – Jeremy Taylor
  • “For us, home isn’t a mere place; it’s the warm embrace of each other’s presence, and in your arms, I’ve found the true meaning of belonging.” – Stephanie Perkins
  • “A successful marriage isn’t just about falling in love once; it’s about continuously rediscovering that love and choosing to fall in love all over again, with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin
  • “You can’t attribute the force of gravity to falling in love, but you can certainly feel the pull of your heartstrings, drawing you closer to the one who holds your heart.” – Albert Einstein
  • “Every day I wake up, I realize that I’m blessed with the greatest gift – your love – and I cherish every moment we spend together as if it were Valentine’s Day.” – Unknown
  • “Love isn’t just the answer to life’s questions; it’s the very essence of our existence, the driving force that propels us to reach for the stars and dream without limits.” – Unknown
  • “In your eyes, I found not just a reflection of my soul but a profound connection that has transcended time, and I know I’ve found my forever Valentine.” – Unknown
  • “Our hearts are entwined, bound together by an unbreakable thread of love that weaves through the tapestry of our lives, creating a beautiful masterpiece of togetherness.” – Unknown
  • “Every day with you is a precious gift, an opportunity to experience the depths of love, and to revel in the joy that comes from sharing our lives.” – Unknown
  • “Love is not just a word; it’s a force that can open doors, heal wounds, and transform even the darkest of moments into something beautiful and filled with hope.” – Unknown
  • “Two hearts, beating as one, create a symphony of love that fills our days with harmony and our nights with the sweetest melodies of affection and tenderness.” – Unknown
  • “Our love story is more captivating than any novel, more enchanting than any fairy tale, and it’s a journey I’m excited to continue writing with you by my side.” – Unknown
  • “In your arms, I’ve found my home, a place where I’m safe, cherished, and truly myself, and I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to be.” – Unknown
  • “Love is the heartbeat of our souls, the rhythm that keeps us in sync with each other, and the melody that fills our lives with joy, passion, and purpose.” – Unknown
  • “With you, love is always in the air, a constant reminder of the beauty that surrounds us, and the incredible journey we’re on together.” – Unknown

This February 14th, make your significant other or dear friend feel special with a thoughtful quote or message. Tailored Valentine’s day quotes for them convey how much they mean to you. Well-chosen words are a simple yet meaningful gesture.

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Expressing heartfelt emotions through thoughtful words and gifts is what makes Valentine’s Day so special. While store-bought cards, chocolate and flowers are always appreciated, taking the time to find or create a personalized gift shows how much you truly care. 

The romantic, inspirational and humorous quotes included in this article capture the essence of love, friendship and adoration. Whether you incorporated one into a handwritten note, embroidered it on a pillow, or printed it on a customized mug or t-shirt, these Valentines day quotes for him, her and them are sure to melt hearts.

At Sandjest, their mission is to help customers give personalized gifts that create deeper connections and convey emotions in a way that store-bought items simply cannot. Their collection of unique, customizable products like mugs, wall art, photo books, blankets, jewelry and more allow you make your Valentines gift completely original.

 Building your gift around a beautiful quote makes the sentiment even more special and personal. Sandjest can even deliver your personalized gift right to their door for an extra surprise. Show your loved ones how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day with a customized gift from Sandjest that they’ll cherish for years to come. Visit the Sandjest website today to explore their options and get inspired to create a gift as unique as your special someone.


What Are Some Creative Ways to Incorporate Valentine’s Day Quotes for Him Into a Gift or Card?

There are several creative ways to incorporate Valentine’s Day quotes for him into your gift or card:
Handwritten Note: Write a heartfelt quote on a beautiful piece of paper and include it with your gift.
Customized Gifts: Personalize a gift with a quote that holds special meaning for both of you.
Scavenger Hunt: Use quotes as clues in a fun and romantic scavenger hunt leading to the ultimate surprise.
These ideas will add a personal touch to your expression of love.

How Can I Choose the Perfect Valentine’s Day Quote for Her That Truly Resonates With Our Relationship?

Selecting the perfect Valentine’s Day quote for her involves these steps:
Reflect on Your Feelings: Think about your emotions and what makes your relationship special.
Consider Her Preferences: Choose a quote that aligns with her personality and preferences.
Customize the Message: If possible, modify the quote to make it more personal.
By following these steps, you can find a quote that resonates deeply with your relationship.

What Are Some Innovative Ways To Use Valentine’s Day Quotes To Celebrate Love In Diverse Relationships?

Celebrating love in diverse relationships on Valentine’s Day can be innovative and heartwarming:
Customized Cards: Create personalized cards with quotes that capture the essence of your relationship.
Virtual Celebrations: Send heartfelt quotes in virtual messages or organize a video call to express your love.
Memory Jar: Write down favorite quotes and memories, and place them in a jar to share with loved ones.
These ideas will help you celebrate love in various relationships in memorable ways.

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