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30 Hilarious Funny Wedding Gifts for a Joyful Celebration


30 Hilarious Funny Wedding Gifts for a Joyful Celebration

Happy groom and bride laughing together, surrounded by funny wedding gifts, capturing the joy and humor of their special day

30 Hilarious Funny Wedding Gifts for a Joyful Celebration

Weddings are not just about the solemn vows and the elegant attire; they’re also an opportunity to celebrate love with laughter and light-hearted moments. This is where funny wedding gifts come into play, offering a delightful twist to traditional wedding gifting. Imagine the smiles and chuckles as the newlyweds unwrap something unexpected yet wonderfully amusing. Whether you’re seeking unique wedding gifts that break from convention or searching for the perfect funny gifts for couples who enjoy a good laugh, this list of Top 30 Perfectly Playful Funny Wedding Gifts is your go-to resource.

From hilarious couple’s games that promise endless entertainment to whimsical household items that add a touch of humor to everyday life, these gifts are sure to be memorable. Think beyond the usual and consider wedding shower gifts that bring a dose of fun to the couple’s new journey together. For friends tying the knot, why not choose a gift that reflects their unique personalities and shared sense of humor?

Our carefully curated selection includes everything from quirky kitchenware to personalized items that cheekily celebrate the couple’s union. Each wedding gift idea is chosen not only for its ability to induce laughter but also for its underlying sentiment of joy and love. Whether it’s a wedding gift for a friend or a token for a family member, these funny wedding gifts are perfect for adding an extra sparkle of joy to the couple’s special day. So, let’s dive into the world of fun and laughter with gifts that are as unique and special as the bond they celebrate.

Laugh-Out-Loud Love Portraits

Finding the perfect funny wedding gift can be a delightful challenge, and what better way to tickle the newlyweds’ funny bones than with ‘Laugh-Out-Loud Love Portraits’? These caricatures and personalized portraits add a humorous twist to traditional wedding imagery. From whimsical caricatures capturing the couple’s unique quirks to custom bobbleheads that nod to their personality traits, these gifts are not just entertaining but also memorable keepsakes. They are a playful celebration of the couple’s journey, immortalizing their love story in a way that brings a smile every time they glance at it. Ideal for those with a sense of humor, these portraits make wedding gifts that are both funny and heartwarming.

Personalized Married Couple Caricature Portrait

Personalized caricature portrait of a married couple, a unique and funny wedding gift
A personalized caricature portrait of the newlyweds – a playful twist on traditional wedding portraits


For a wedding gift that radiates fun and captures the unique essence of the couple, a Personalized Married Couple Caricature Portrait is an ideal choice. This one-off artwork is designed to showcase the special features, and peculiar traits of the bridegroom. What makes these portraits charming is that, while they are funny in a way, they have the heart of sweet details which make them carve into memory in any newlyweds’ Western-style home. This is indeed a gift which ensures that they will be smiling, and laughing aloud in years to come. It immortalizes their special day in giddy-sweet humor.

Custom Bride and Groom Bobblehead

 Customized bride and groom bobbleheads, a humorous and memorable wedding gift
Custom bride and groom bobblehead – adding a dose of humor to wedding memorabilia


With the Custom Bride and Groom bobblehead, newlyweds can celebrate in take-home form. Each of these hand-wrought ceramic figurines is made especially for them, with the bride’s and groom’s wedding attire as well as their hair styles all convincingly reproduced. The bobbleheads bring a little humor on any shelf or desk, providing the couple with an extra laugh as they think back about their big day. It’s just the thing for couples with a little quirkiness who yearn to keep something unusual, humorous and romantic from their wedding.

Personalized Wooden Caricature Figurine

Personalized wooden caricature figurine depicting the bride and groom, ideal for funny wedding gifts
Personalized wooden caricature figurine, capturing the couple’s likeness in a whimsical way


A Personalized Wooden Caricature Figurine is a unique and charming gift for any couple. These figurines are intricately crafted from wood, with each detail carefully designed to capture the likeness and personality of the bride and groom. The wooden caricature stands as a timeless keepsake that brings a rustic and whimsical touch to any space. It’s a delightful way to commemorate the couple’s love in a form that’s as enduring as their relationship.

Custom Lego Minifigure Couple

Custom Lego minifigure couple, a playful and creative funny wedding gift
Custom Lego minifigure couple – a charming and quirky representation of the bride and groom


For the couple who never outgrew their love for Lego, the Custom Lego Minifigure Couple is a delightful wedding gift. These minifigures are custom-made to resemble the bride and groom, complete with miniature wedding attire. It’s a playful and nostalgic gift that not only celebrates their union but also their shared love for childhood memories. This gift is perfect for couples looking for something fun, personalized, and reflective of their unique bond.

Knitted Bride and Groom Doll

Knitted bride and groom doll, a whimsical and cute funny wedding gift
Adorably knitted bride and groom dolls, a perfect keepsake for the fun-loving couple


Handcrafted with care, the Knitted Bride and Groom Doll is a heartwarming gift that exudes charm and personality. These dolls are delicately knitted, capturing the essence of the wedding attire and the couple’s likeness in soft yarn. Perfect for the couple who appreciates handmade gifts, these dolls offer a cozy and endearing representation of their special day, making them a wonderful keepsake for years to come.

Weight Lifting Groom and Bride Bobblehead

Weight lifting groom and bride bobblehead, perfect for fitness enthusiast couples as a funny wedding gift
Weight lifting groom and bride bobblehead, a humorous nod to the couple’s hobbies


The Weight Lifting Groom and Bride Bobblehead is an amusing and unique gift for the fitness-loving couple. These bobbleheads showcase the bride and groom in a humorous weightlifting pose, celebrating their passion for fitness in a light-hearted way. It’s a playful nod to their hobbies and a fun addition to their home decor. This gift is perfect for couples who share a love for working out and want a wedding gift that reflects their active lifestyle.

Cheeky Challenges & Couple’s Games for Wedding

Cheeky Challenges & Couple’s Games make for funny wedding gifts that promise to keep the laughter rolling long after the wedding bells have rung. This category is filled with interactive and fun-filled games designed to spark joy and create unforgettable moments for the newlyweds. From the ‘Just Married F*ck It List’ Bucket List Book to Date Night Dessert Dice, these gifts offer a playful way to navigate the adventures of married life. Whether it’s making decisions with a flip of a coin or scratching off 100 date ideas, these games bring a light-hearted touch to the couple’s daily life. Perfect for couples who love a good laugh and appreciate the fun side of love, these gifts add a playful twist to the newlywed experience.

Just Married F*ck It List Bucket List Book

 Just Married F*ck It List Bucket List Book, a humorous and adventurous funny wedding gift
 Just Married F*ck It List Book – a hilarious way to kick off married life’s adventures


Embrace the adventurous spirit of married life with the ‘Just Married F*ck It List Bucket List Book’, a must-have for any couple who enjoys a good laugh along with creating new memories. Also, this book is full of fascinating and unorthodox ideas which will treat bucket lists aficionados to a comical spin. It’s an invitation for the newlyweds to get out of their shell, add a touch of spontaneity and enjoyment in getting hitched. Each page stirs up a little adventure, making it the ideal wedding gift for couples who like to run against convention and enjoy life’s lighter side.

The Argument-Ending Decision Coin

The Argument-Ending Decision Coin, a humorous and practical funny wedding gift
The Argument-Ending Decision Coin, a lighthearted solution for settling those married life debates


Say goodbye to those trivial marital disputes with The Argument-Ending Decision Coin, a lighthearted solution for resolving those everyday couple disagreements. This coin is a humorous yet practical tool for newlyweds, bringing a bit of fun to decision-making. Whether deciding on dinner plans or which movie to watch, a simple flip of this coin can save the day. It’s a unique and funny wedding gift that symbolizes the give-and-take in relationships, all while keeping the mood light and playful.

Date Night “Dessert” Dice

Date Night 'Dessert' Dice, a playful and romantic funny wedding gift
Date Night ‘Dessert’ Dice, spicing up date nights with a funny twist


Spice up date nights with the Date Night “Dessert” Dice, an amusing and intimate gift for newlyweds. These dice bring a playful element to the couple’s evenings, offering random combinations for creative and romantic activities. It’s an excellent way for the bride and groom to keep their date nights fresh, exciting, and a little bit unpredictable. These dice are not just funny, they’re a reminder for the couple to always keep the spark alive in their marriage.

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

100 Dates Scratch Off Poster, a fun and adventurous wedding gift idea
100 Dates Scratch Off Poster, an exciting and fun way to explore new date ideas


Discover the joy of spontaneous adventures with the 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster, a fun and interactive way for couples to explore new date ideas. Each scratch-off reveals a unique date activity, encouraging the newlyweds to try something different and exciting. This poster is a great way to keep the romance and surprise alive in the marriage, and it doubles as a lovely wall decoration, visually documenting their journey of shared experiences.

Would You Rather Questions for Couples Game

Would You Rather Questions for Couples Game, a funny and engaging wedding gift
Would You Rather Questions for Couples Game, a hilarious way to learn more about each other


Engage in playful conversations with ‘Would You Rather Questions’ for Couples Game, a hilarious way to learn more about each other. This game is filled with quirky and thought-provoking questions, making it an entertaining activity for the bride and groom. It’s perfect for date nights, road trips, or simply enjoying each other’s company, ensuring that laughter is always part of their relationship.

The Couple’s Dinner Spinner

The Couple's Dinner Spinner, a unique and amusing gift for newlyweds
 The Couple’s Dinner Spinner, bringing laughter to deciding what’s for dinner


Take the guesswork out of meal planning with The Couple’s Dinner Spinner, a fun and practical gift for any newlywed couple. This spinner makes deciding on dinner options a game, adding an element of surprise and humor to their daily routine. It’s a delightful way for the couple to share the task of meal planning and enjoy the process. This spinner is not just funny; it’s a useful tool that helps keep the domestic life of the newlyweds fun and engaging.

Funny Marriage Merriment Essential Gifts

For those looking to gift something that combines humor with functionality, Marriage Merriment Essentials is the go-to category. These funny wedding gifts are all about celebrating the quirks of marital life. From survival kits that humorously nod to the challenges of married life to instruction manuals for the newlyweds, these gifts are both practical and amusing. In this category, the essentials are purposely fashioned to make them smile every time they use these day-to-day things. They bring up happy memories of their marriage and underlying nuptial warmth mixed with lightheartedness. Suitable for those with a sense of humor and need to be practical, these gifts are funny as well being daily reminders that they’re together.

New Wife Survival Kit Box

 New Wife Survival Kit Box, a humorous and thoughtful funny wedding gift
New Wife Survival Kit, a humorous and thoughtful gift for the newlywed bride


For a humorous yet thoughtful gift, consider the New Wife Survival Kit Box, a delightful choice among funny wedding gifts. This playful box is packed with a range of items, each symbolizing a different aspect of marital life. It’s designed to bring a smile and a chuckle to the new bride while offering practical items she might find handy. Whether it’s quirky gadgets or sweet mementos, this kit encapsulates the essence of stepping into married life with a fun and light-hearted spirit. It’s not just a gift; it’s an experience that the bride will remember and laugh about for years to come.

Funny His and Hers Marriage Survival Kit

Funny His and Hers Marriage Survival Kit, perfect for couples with a sense of humor
 Funny His and Hers Marriage Survival Kit – a lighthearted take on wedded bliss


The Funny His and Hers Marriage Survival Kit is a perfect blend of humor and practicality, making it an exceptional choice for funny wedding gifts. This kit playfully addresses the ups and downs of married life with items that are both whimsical and useful. Each component in the kit is thoughtfully selected to spark joy and bring a humorous twist to everyday situations. Ideal for couples who appreciate a good laugh, this survival kit is not only a unique gift but also a conversation starter that promises to keep the newlyweds smiling.

The Newlywed’s Instruction Manual

 The Newlywed’s Instruction Manual, a humorous guide for life after the wedding
The Newlywed’s Instruction Manual, a funny guide for navigating married life


A hilarious take on navigating the early days of marriage, The Newlywed’s Instruction Manual is a top pick for funny wedding gifts. This book is filled with witty advice, quirky tips and amusing illustrations that will make it a fun guide for newlyweds. It’s ideal for couples who like a combination of humor and usefulness. The manual runs the gamut from finance to in-laws, all delivered with a light touch and expressed in accessible terms. It’s a gift guaranteed to provide laughs and perhaps some useful reflections about married life as well.

Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Couple Mugs

 Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Couple Mugs, a playful and funny wedding gift
Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right mugs, a playful addition to any couple’s kitchen


Celebrate the newlywed’s nuptials with a touch of humor using the Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Couple Mugs. These mugs are a charming addition to any couple’s kitchenware, symbolizing the playful banter of married life. The witty captions on each mug bring a daily dose of laughter with every sip of coffee or tea. Crafted for both fun and functionality, these mugs are a great way for couples to start their day on a light note. Ideal for those who enjoy a bit of jest, these mugs are more than just vessels for beverages; they’re a daily reminder of their loving, and sometimes humorous, partnership.

Funny Couple Aprons

Funny couple aprons, a practical and humorous gift for cooking enthusiasts
Funny couple aprons, making cooking together even more enjoyable


Add a dash of humor to the couple’s culinary adventures with Funny Couple Aprons. These aprons are not only practical for keeping clothes clean while cooking but also serve as a funny testament to the couple’s relationship. Each apron features comical quotes or illustrations that are sure to bring a smile to the wearer’s face. Whether it’s for a barbecue or a baking session, these aprons make cooking together even more enjoyable. They are an ideal gift for couples who love to share laughs in the kitchen and are looking for a unique way to celebrate their union.

Cheeky Couples Pillowcase Set

Cheeky couples pillowcase set, a playful and intimate funny wedding gift
Cheeky couples pillowcase set, adding a dash of humor to bedtime


The Cheeky Couples Pillowcase Set is a perfect amalgamation of comfort and humor, making it a fantastic choice for funny wedding gifts. This set includes pillowcases with playful, cheeky messages or illustrations that add a humorous touch to the couple’s bedroom decor. The pillowcases are not just amusing; they are also cozy and comfortable, ensuring a good night’s sleep with a side of smiles. Ideal for couples who appreciate lightheartedness in their daily life, these pillowcases are a unique way to add a bit of fun to their bedtime routine.

Humorous Wedding Homewares & Keepsakes

The Humorous Homewares & Keepsakes category offers funny wedding gifts that blend humor with home décor. These gifts range from candles with witty messages to personalized pillows and wine glasses, all designed to infuse the newlyweds’ home with laughter and love. These items are more than just amusing novelties; they are keepsakes that the couple will cherish for years. Whether it’s a candle that lights up their home with a funny message or a pillow that brings a giggle every time they see it, these gifts add a unique charm to their living space. Perfect for couples who appreciate humor in everyday life, these homewares make their home a reflection of their fun-loving spirits.

Look at You Getting Married and Sh*t Funny Candle

Look at You Getting Married and Sh*t Funny Candle, a humorous wedding celebration gift
Look at You Getting Married and Sh*t candle – a candid and humorous wedding gift


Celebrate the big day with a touch of humor with the ‘Look at You Getting Married and Sh*t’ Funny Candle. This candle is not just a source of soft, ambient lighting, but also a hilarious reminder of the couple’s journey to the altar. Infused with delightful scents, it’s perfect for setting a light-hearted mood in any room. The playful message etched on the candle adds a unique personal touch, making it an ideal keepsake for newlyweds who enjoy a good laugh. This candle is not only a gift but also a memorable conversation starter for any home.

Ring Finger Up Funny Wine Glass Gift Box

Ring Finger Up Funny Wine Glass Gift Box, ideal for toasting the newlyweds
 Ring Finger Up funny wine glass gift box, perfect for toasting to the newlyweds


Toast to the newlyweds with the Ring Finger Up Funny Wine Glass Gift Box. This set features a beautifully crafted wine glass with a witty message that celebrates marriage in a fun and cheeky way. Housed in a beautiful gift box, it’s ready to be given on the occasion of their nuptials. This gift is ideal for wine lovers with a sense of humor and it adds some comedy to your romantic evenings. It’s not just a glass, but symbol of her love and the happy times ahead. A gift that will keep on giving smiles every time it is used

Do You Know Your Wife/Husband Book

 Do You Know Your Wife/Husband Book, a funny and insightful wedding gift
 Do You Know Your Wife/Husband Book – fun and laughter guaranteed!


The ‘Do You Know Your Wife/Husband’ Book is a funny and interactive wedding gift that challenges couples to see how well they truly know each other. Filled with a variety of amusing and thought-provoking questions, this book is perfect for game nights or cozy evenings in. It’s not only a source of endless fun but also a great way to strengthen their bond. It is ideal for couples who like to laugh and are willing to play with each other. More than just a book It’s an adventure into each other ‘hearts and minds.

Mr and Mrs Wine Box

Mr and Mrs Wine Box, a sophisticated yet amusing gift for wine-loving couples
Mr and Mrs Wine Box, a classy yet amusing way to celebrate the union


The Mr and Mrs Wine Box is a sophisticated and amusing gift perfect for the wine-enthusiast couple. This elegantly designed wine box adds a touch of class to their wine collection while also celebrating their union. Ideal for storing their favorite vintages, the box serves as a timeless reminder of their special day. Its sleek design complements any home décor, making it a great addition to their living space. This wine box is more than a storage solution; it’s a symbol of their shared love and tastes, perfect for the couple who loves to raise a glass in style.

Personalized Wedding Plant Pot

 Personalized wedding plant pot, a unique and funny gift for green-thumbed couples
 Personalized wedding plant pot – a unique gift that grows with love and laughter


The Personalized Wedding Plant Pot is a delightful and unique wedding gift that combines nature with a personal touch. Customizable with the couple’s names and wedding date, this plant pot is not just a home for plants but also a growing symbol of their love. Its charming design fits beautifully in any garden or indoor space, making it a versatile addition to their home. Ideal for couples with a green thumb or those who appreciate nature, this pot is more than just a vessel; it’s a daily reminder of their blossoming relationship and the care it needs to grow.

Personalized Wedding Acrylic Plaque With Photo

Personalized wedding acrylic plaque with photo, a sentimental yet funny wedding gift
Personalized wedding acrylic plaque with photo, a memorable and amusing keepsake


Capture the essence of their love with the Personalized Wedding Acrylic Plaque With Photo. This elegant plaque allows you to immortalize a special moment from their wedding day or engagement in a stunning display. Customizable with their photo and personal details, it’s a modern and stylish way to preserve memories. Perfect for display in their home, it serves as a daily reminder of their journey together. This plaque is not just a gift; it’s a cherished keepsake that will be admired for years to come, ideal for couples who love contemporary and personalized decor.

Playful Apparel & Accessories for Wedding Couple

When it comes to gifting something unique and lighthearted, Playful Apparel & Accessories are a fantastic choice. This category includes funny wedding gifts that the newlyweds can wear and enjoy. From humorous underwear designed for two to shirts that playfully announce their new marital status, these gifts are all about celebrating the fun side of getting hitched. These are ideal for the couple who want to wear their hearts on their sleeve – quite literally – and aren’t afraid of letting people know about it. Whether as a joke at the honeymoon or something quirky in their wardrobe, these gifts will help keep this new married couple’s relationship fun and interesting.

Two Person Underwear

Two-person underwear, a hilarious and quirky funny wedding gift
Two-person underwear, a hilarious gift for a couple with a great sense of humor


Inject a dose of hilarity into the newlyweds’ life with the Two Person Underwear, a playful and unique funny wedding gift. Designed for a couple with a great sense of humor, this dual-sided underwear is both a gag gift and a symbol of togetherness. It’s perfect for the couple who enjoys sharing everything and isn’t afraid of a little closeness. Made for comfortable wear, this quirky underwear is sure to be a hit at any bridal shower or wedding party, promising lots of laughs and maybe even a daring try-on session!

Under New Management Funny Shirt

 Under New Management Funny Shirt, a playful gift for the newly married groom
Under New Management funny shirt, a light-hearted gift for the groom


Celebrate the groom’s new status with the ‘Under New Management Funny Shirt. This humorous tee is ideal for post-wedding casual wear or as a honeymoon outfit. It’s a playful nod to the groom’s change in life status, making it a great funny wedding gift. The shirt’s quality fabric ensures comfort, and the witty message is sure to draw smiles and laughter. It’s a fantastic way for the groom to flaunt his new marital status in a lighthearted way, making it a memorable gift that he will cherish and wear with pride.

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Funny Lingerie Nightgown

 Funny lingerie nightgown, a humorous and intimate gift for the bride
Funny lingerie nightgown, bringing laughs to the wedding night


Add a spark of fun to the bride’s wedding night attire with the Funny Lingerie Nightgown. This gift combines sensuality with humor, offering a unique twist on traditional bridal nightwear. The nightgown is designed to be both alluring and amusing, with playful messages or designs that will surely bring laughter to the bedroom. It’s a fantastic way for the bride to surprise her partner, blending romance with a touch of comedy. Comfortable and stylish, this nightgown is not just a funny wedding gift, but also a cherished keepsake of their special night.

Property of Mrs Funny Boxers

Property of Mrs Funny Boxers, a cheeky and amusing gift for the groom
 Property of Mrs Funny Boxers, cheeky and playful underwear for the groom


Give a cheeky and affectionate nod to the newlywed status with the ‘Property of Mrs’ Funny Boxers. These humorous and comfortable boxers are perfect for the groom, featuring playful wording that celebrates his new life chapter. They’re great for lounging around during the honeymoon or as a funny reminder of the wedding vows. Made from soft, quality material, these boxers offer both comfort and a good laugh, making them a delightful wedding gift that the groom will enjoy wearing.

Personalized Bride and Groom Pillow

Personalized bride and groom pillow, a sweet and funny wedding gift
Personalized bride and groom pillow, a sweet and funny reminder of their union


The Personalized Bride and Groom Pillow is a charming and humorous addition to any newlywed’s home. Customize it with the couple’s names or a funny quote that reflects their relationship. This pillow serves as a cozy and funny reminder of their union, perfect for adorning their bed or couch. With its soft fabric and quality printing, this pillow not only offers comfort but also a daily smile. It’s an excellent gift for couples who appreciate a touch of humor in their home decor, making it a wonderful keepsake of their wedding.

Keep Your Shit Together White Wedding Handkerchief

Keep Your Shit Together White Wedding Handkerchief, a funny and practical gift for the big day
 Keep Your Shit Together wedding handkerchief, a funny and practical accessory for the big day


The ‘Keep Your Shit Together’ White Wedding Handkerchief is a funny yet practical gift for the big day. This handkerchief adds a humorous touch to the traditional wedding accessory, perfect for drying those happy tears during the ceremony. Made from soft fabric, it’s gentle on the skin and serves as a quirky keepsake long after the wedding. Its playful message provides a light-hearted moment on an emotion-filled day, making it an ideal gift for brides or grooms with a sense of humor.


As our exploration of “Top 30 Perfectly Playful Funny Wedding Gifts to Lighten Up Any Wedding” comes to a close, we’re reminded of the joy and laughter these unique gifts bring to such a special occasion. In the world of weddings, where every detail is cherished, gifts that spark laughter create unforgettable moments. From hilarious household items to quirky couple’s games, these gifts are not just objects but vessels of joy, adding a lighthearted touch to the newlyweds’ journey.

For those seeking to add an extra layer of personalization and thoughtfulness to their gift-giving experience, Sandjest offers an exemplary solution. This brand stands out for its commitment to crafting unique personalized gifts that are not just products but expressions of emotion and affection. Their hand-delivered personal gifts resonate with their vision of transforming gift-giving into an art form that deeply expresses feelings and creates lasting memories.

Whether you’re looking for funny wedding gifts, unique wedding gifts, or something special for a wedding shower, Sandjest’s range of personalized options ensures that your gift will be as memorable as the day itself. Their dedication to quality and personalization aligns perfectly with the need for wedding gift ideas that are both unique and meaningful.

In choosing a gift from Sandjest, you’re not just giving a present; you’re offering a piece of heartfelt sentiment, a reflection of the joy and humor that relationships thrive on. So, for your next wedding gift purchase, consider Sandjest and add a personal touch to your funny gifts for couples, making every laugh and smile a testament to your thoughtful choice.


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